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HELP/SUGGESTION re: Shadowpool

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  • HELP/SUGGESTION re: Shadowpool

    Um, first, I'm sorry that this post may be convoluted I'm not very good at writing / expressing myself concisely, please bear with me. Second apology up front, I'm sorry to bring up a topic that is so browbeaten, but I'm just having a lot of trouble right now and I play this game a lot, and I'm trying to do decently with it, (i.e. get high MMR and try to use that as a kind of tool to boost streaming potential -- but that's beside the point -- this post is about a hindrance to playing), so I have to ask about the shadowpool / write about it and ask for help.

    I've been playing a few games recently that have just been really surreal and disconcerting, and I'm like confused about whether it's just the time of day I'm queueing or like if it's just a random occurrence, and if it is I'm totally fine with that, but I'm worried I could be in a shadowpool, and if I am and these types of games / this quality of game is something I can expect for 2 months, then I'd very happily take a break for those two months, because playing like this is literally mentally ruining me. Um, so I guess what brings up this suspicion is suddenly being matched (and this is Unranked) with players who just created accounts (i.e. lvl 1 trophy), players who don't communicate at all (possibly muted?), and just generally poor players, in my recent games. Particularly, also, being matched with the same players 2 games in a row on two separate occasions (and one of them being really truly just a brute player...) But at any rate I don't feel that the explanation of being in a shadowpool is the point, what the point is for writing all this is to ask whether it would be possible for a player to know if he or she is in a shadowpool for bad behavior, and if that player will remain in that pool for x length of time.

    Upon writing this, I just realized that making the shadowpool-player aware might make players just jump ship on their account and begin a new one, and so I feel kind of doomed in getting any kind of response to this. But I really honestly feel like I haven't been outrageous in my play the past 93 matches I've had. In fact, I felt really good about this account and I was matching with 4-5k players after the first few games, and had great games that even when lost and even when players didn't play perfectly there was no flame, and had been matching in games like this up until the past 2 days, and now I'm kind of confused and scared, because like I said this is literally crippling to play, like playing and just asking simple questions or something and getting toxic responses immediately, or having no one say anything makes it really difficult to stay focused or mentally positive enough to want to win / try to win. I'm not someone who gives up very easily but if I'm crushed again and again by players like this then it's just depressing, naturally... God I don't want to ramble I'm just trying to say that it would be good if players could be aware that they were put in a matchmaking pool with other toxic players. Having said that, I am also aware of the out it would introduce for toxic players (i.e. starting a new account after being aware of their "toxic" matchmaking pool), but there's also the 20 introductory games where a player can't communicate at all so I don't know, maybe it's not that good of an out.

    I am going to end this post with the hope that there some kind of dialogue could open between a developer and myself, with the understanding that of course you folks are incredibly busy, but just a shot in the dark. Here's hoping, thanks for reading, god bless
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    In the meantime I'm going to play some more and see how it looks, I know confirmation bias might be at play, but here's hoping I get some good games. Thanks again,