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    I have some questions directed to the devs and mods within the dota 2 dev portal, or at least those responsible for/ working with Dota 2. I am 21 years of age and I am a resident of New Delhi, India. I have been a Steam User since 2008, owning and playing various games like Counter - Strike Condition Zero, CS 1.6, Day of Defeat and Ricochet. My opinion of this corporation has always been stellar, owing to the past services that you have provided me. However, a couple of days ago, on the 3rd of December, I ( Steam Username : LoGiC) disconnected from a game due to internet problems. I tried to reconnect, owing to the fact that I was playing in a party with a friend who paused it in order for me to return, but the game was resumed and I received an abandon, alongside 5 Lower - Priority Matches as a punishment. This is not an issue for me, as I myself am to blame. However, I would like to draw your attention to Match ID : 2818769123. My teammate, Steam Username : Stoner ( not real), who was playing the character Lich, intentionally fed the enemy team, and all but lost us the game. At the end, he remarks that reporting him will not cause him to go into Low Priority Matchmaking. I will admit that I was exceedingly rude, and used severely vulgar language, but my question to you, the Moderators, is this; Can the use of abusive language and flaming justify intentional losing? i have reported the player in game, and have blocked him for good measure, but can you convince me that I will never have him as a teammate ever again? If a player is playing badly, and I criticize this, does that give the person the power to do as he sees fit. and squash the other 4 player's efforts? It certainly seems so, given my experience and your lackadaisical attitude towards the feedback of the community. Also, I would like to question your system of reporting itself within Dota 2. If a player intentionally loses a game, and then goes on to play two or three other games of dota which turn out to be normal, a majority of 2 or 3 reports would be levied against the player. Why are these reports never reviewed? And if they are, why does the player who issued the report not receive a review after? Is your corporation understaffed? Your company charges us money, hard earned and well - deserved for purchasing games, and additional DLC, and in - game cosmetics, and now an entire market for these items exists. Where does this money go? Why is the feedback procedure so shoddy on your part? If you were doing business with Icefrog, would your gameplan be this haphazard? I will direct your attention to another instance where a " broken " reporting system is thought to be present. I played another game of Dota 2 on the 6th of December, Match ID : 2825610802, and i had extremely low skilled players who were at least 30+ levels under mine. Steam Username : Gayung Spirit is the player who I would like to complain against, although that is not his real username. Dota is supposed to be a team game, so why are players like this not punished even when they are reported several times and over several different games? Within this game itself, me and another player in my party reported him, but I don't think that is a punishment enough. Your corporation thinks it is acceptable to permanently ban a player based on whether the software he is using is fair or not, according to you, ( Eg. Cheats, hacks, Glitches leading to VAC Bans) but not when a player intentionally causes his team to lose a game due to a temper tantrum? Players have a free reign over what they please to do in - game, precisely because you are not noticing, or being indifferent, and if being indifferent is a corporate way of saying that your primary aim is to make a monetary or economic profit, I will have you know that i have been a customer with you for much longer than the player I mentioned. I have also clocked more game time than him, and have purchased more games than he. Why is he being allowed to ruin my gaming experience for no cost? The common reasoning of " Its just a video game" doesn't quite cut it anymore, does it? This is because you happen to be earning money out of the entire situation, which is why I am asking you, as a company, corporation or/and firm, to kindly take an interest in your work. It will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I hope i did not take up too much of your time with this lengthy submission.
    Many Regards,

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    You should try to use paragrahs.

    I am not a moderator but can answer your question: "Can the use of abusive language and flaming justify intentional losing?"
    The answer is no.
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      Too hard to read. @@ Please rearrange your words into paragraphs as suggested by Hagen99.
      [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
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