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    Here is a solution that could have a big, positive impact on every pub game.

    Call it something like 'ScrubLord'.

    A new game format is added where we choose a bot game, or a pub, or a ranked game.

    It would start with a lobby where either two players in a party or two players are matched by MMR. They would create smurf accounts for themselves and then enter into the regular pub matching with the agreed upon level of play. They would be opposing each other of course. Maybe a 2k difference between ScrubLords and Scrubs would be required.

    The ScrubLords might coach, lead, communicate during the planning stage, remind Scrubs of timings, advise on 'item' and 'talent' choices and much more. The ScrubLords would know that there is another great player on the other team and this would motivate them to coach their team to win.

    The ScrubLords would get some rewards from Dota for doing this and even more rewards if lower level players commended them. This would encourage the high level players to participate as well as helping the community by leading by example.

    The Scrubs would not know that they had a great player acting as ScrubLord on their team until after the game was completed. At that point the real name and MMR of the ScrubLords on both teams would be revealed !!!

    There is a ton of great things that will hapen from this new game type.
    -- Scrubs would pay closer attention to teamwork and team communication
    -- Scrubs would know that every game, communication and effort could end up on youtube at their expense or benefit.
    -- ScrubLords can show the rest of us how to lead, how to communicate, appropriate strats, item and talent builds for the best strat to defeat the opposing team.... and so on.
    -- ScrubLords can earn special recognition from the Gods of Dota. Maybe some awards at the many Majors around the world!
    -- ScrubLords can earn special items or Arcanas etc.
    -- Not to mention, there will be some hilarious footage generated for youtube!!!

    Also this would allow Amazing players a way to practice heroes they are not great at while helping us Scrubs without using smurf accounts that don't benefit the community at all.
    Last edited by billboz1; 12-15-2016, 09:57 AM. Reason: Bad title

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    Any opinions if this idea could be fun or even maybe even help improve the culture? Any suggestions for improvements on the idea?


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      I can just imagine how many "great players" enjoy being yelled at by 2k noobs.


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        THAT is a great point!

        But on the flip side they do it now anyway by practicing new or painful heroes by using smurf accounts. Even in the current, best case scenario, the smurf account goes well, the smurf account wins and they get good practice while everyone else suffers. The players on the other team don't know that there is a 2 or 3 k better player on the winning team and they cannabilize themselves while the winning team falsly thinks they won because of something they did.

        The worst case scenario is the ScrubLord flames all of the scrubs while telling them they should mid because they are actually ?K. Then the ScrubLord criticizes everything the Scrubs do in a reactionary way instead of teaching and leading in a proactive way.

        I am real sure most of the ScrubLords out there would really enjoy the chance to be rewarded by the Gods of Dota 2, improving the Dota 2 culture, while practicing their weakest heroes even if a few scrubs have to wait until the end of the game to find out they, the Scrub, was wrong about everything.

        Not to mention, ScrubLords would at least make it so there were two evenly great players apposing each other.
        Last edited by billboz1; 12-20-2016, 09:06 AM.