Hello everyone,

I think this is my first post on this website, I don't know how to send a feedback to valve but i think this is the right place.

To make a long story short, what i find bad/missing in Dota 2 now is that I don't have the ability to use whatever key i want to learn abilities, i mean.. now i must click Ctr+q w e r to learn abilities and i don't have the option to change "ctr" anymore, back to patches before 7.0 i was able to use "space bar" for example (yes it is very important to me)

The second problem is the last hits/D and the K D A, it would be easier to look downside right rather than taking our eyes to upside left.

The third problem is.. why the hell..every fkn time Valve releases a new hero..they just allow it in ranked? im tired of meeting these 0 15 5 Monkey.
Finally.. please bring back the old style when someone kills someone else, lets say player1 (medusa) killed player2(tide), the new way is only showing the players name..

..and RIP loading screens + HUD skins :/