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Abandoning Games that are not fun

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  • Abandoning Games that are not fun

    I've had this Happen a few times where I'll be playing a game and either the majority of the team is either toxic, or don't speak the same language and relentlessly use in game ping and type GG report so and so. This kind of behavior tends to suck the fun out of dota 2 and I end up leaving rather than playing with people who A. Can't communicate with me or B.Are toxic and generally irritating.

    It would be nice if Dota2/Valve gave you an opportunity to provide a clear reason why you left a game so they can investigate other players as well or deem it wholly acceptable that you left a game.

    I think this could help improve the community to retain and gain more users

    Any thoughts?

  • #2
    You should use the mute function a lot quicker. As soon as someone is becoming toxic, don't hesitate to mute them.
    This will improve your experience a lot.


    • #3
      Thank you for your response Chuckie. I understand that the mute function is to improve the experience in regards to toxic players, however I would like to discuss the issue of abandoning games where you can't communicate with your team or the toxicity is enough to cause a player to abandon. I don't believe under these circumstances that this should count against a player for choosing to not play in a game that is no longer fun and should not be a strike towards lp. Any thoughts or feedback regarding this?


      • #4
        Yesterday I quit a game because of flaming... Probably my first intentional abandon (80% of my 12 abandons were because of internet or eletricity issues) in 2 years. The unobservant bot support got the rune that mid was going to reach and all of a sudden I hear a anger screaming on the mic and automatically muted him (2 minutes of the game, it was the first rune after game start and the guy was already raging saying he was going to feed - abusing shrines with full health, good ally stuff).
        Then at minute 6 or 8, after my second death (top was hard :/ I was already roaming to not feed) and shrine abuse from angry mid, another guy starts talking shit, just like 1 wasn't enough. After so many games playing with spanish players, the first team that actually spoke my language had 2 talking-shit players... I got pissed and quit at minute 9.

        This game just isn't fun anymore. I tried going ranked but it is the same. Don't get me wrong, I don't say anything on the chat unless someone asks something or to laugh at my funny death or at someone said, I used to answer to angry people but now I just mute them. You can see my wordcloud (, I say 'gg' on the end of every game, I am against those who say "gg" in minute 10 because I know how Dota works (even though I would like an option to end the game if 4 out 5 allies agrees after 2 barracks are destroyed on a stomp).

        After every match I am considering more and more enabling "ignore all chat" setting. Communication reports don't do anything or Valve removed the "player was punished" text box when logging in, there should be at least 10 weekly communication reports, because the community is so bad right now. I don't commend anyone who said shit on the game, even if I was carried or supported by them, all my reports are going to communication abuse. I don't report feeders because I hate more shit talkers than those.

        An idea would be matchmaking that considers your behaviour score, but Valve still didn't fixed language settings, so this would take years to make and work properly.