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Fix the toxic community assap (Reporting system)

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    Originally posted by yougotme View Post
    To me placing communication wise toxic players together in a seperate non-low-priority pool would be better. Let those who rage and flame play with each other and give them a taste of their own medicine.
    Y didn't u say so earlier? Dis kind of shadow pool is fine by me but u will still get ppl arguing against it. Not from me tho. My only problem was u implying there shdn't be a punishment at all for general toxic behavior.

    Originally posted by yougotme View Post
    To you cutting the tongue is the proportional punishment and to me smth else.
    Exactly y ppl like me couldn't agree with u coz u previously did not state any sort of punishment but argued there shdn't be a punishment (like comms ban) at all.
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    Originally posted by todd24
    Hi, my name is toddler. I'm an insecure troll who needs constant pampering with "entertainment" because I'm also a spoiled rich brat who can't stop pestering people till I get what I want. I will also stalk you for the rest of your life if you keep giving me my daily dose of attention since I'm lonely and need friends. I play vs bots and trashtalk others on forums 24/7 . Please send help!


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      Originally posted by Jace View Post
      Y didn't u say so earlier? Dis kind of shadow pool is fine by me but u will still get ppl arguing against it. Not from me tho. My only problem was u implying there shdn't be a punishment at all for general toxic behavior.

      Exactly y ppl like me couldn't agree with u coz u previously did not state any sort of punishment but argued there shdn't be a punishment (like comms ban) at all.
      I'm aware I was too hasty but my approach was like "first remove this broken thing when it's done I'm gonna suggest what's the next thing to do." Besides I thought already having an in-game mute button was a good argument on its own. Do you really believe that when I say "I want them to speak no matter how toxic they are because I want to win" means "I also enjoy playing with such players" ? No I do not enjoy playing with communication wise abusive players but still value winning my games while report system is getting fixed. I am just trying to get the best of a bad situation over here. Valve is firm about their fast paced matchmaking and they do not want to change it so my suggestion of seperate pool will be dismissed by them anyways so I didn't bother talking about this in the first place. There are many many other features that are in my mind that should be implemented like "player attitude stats" giving informations like from 1 to 10 how teamplayer he is or how stubborn he is.

      was either you or xentrope suggesting that in-game mute button is not a permanent solution. Well I used it for years as an indicator that I played with this guy and I must have not liked his attitude or even play style so I must watch an eye on him. Just to not poke him if he is one of those quickly raging players when something in a fight goes wrong. I mean these would be good stuff to be put out at a start of a match - info about the player's personality. Not just stuff like average xpm gpm tripple kills camps stacked etc. These are not enough. To play in harmony we should know much more about our teammates as quickly as possible with a few critical information about them. But instead we cannot even communicate properly because everyone is muted, every profile is hidden and there are no useful information at all. Just so matches are found fast enough and people do not dodge those who marked to be toxic. Their policy is literally this. On the surface they defend that toxic players should be punished but they also take every measure that we are not aware of those players when we are matched with them. I call this hipocracy.


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        Originally posted by yougotme View Post
        this is a good suggestion to you? This dude's suggestion is like whoever fires the gun first wins no matter whether they are toxic or behaving players. Let's say I'm a toxic guy and I somehow manage to put the blame on a guy who's behaving in the game and he is reported and gets into low priority. Since I managed to get him into low priority despite I'm the actual toxic one now he loses his reporting rights on top of getting low priority. All alike suggestions like this are not helping at all. People should realize that the system is broken because it cannot detect actual toxicity they do not have an algorithm for that and it relies solely on "individual" votes who will always have subjectivity elements in it. You must see that applying the suggestion of the OP would make things even worse.

        Acknowledge already that currently players are reported for playing bad - again subjective opinion of the reporter- aswell, which is something wrong. People shouldn't be able to report a player for playing bad. It's not the definition of intentional feeding or ability abuse. This is idiotic as the purpose of report system should be to block toxic players and make the environment a newbie friendly place right? I have already suggested thousands of times. Numbers don't lie so implementing an algorithm to detect intentional feeding or afking on purpose or following the same guy for dividing his experience into two and doing nothing shouldn't be hard to detect. These behaviors are actual feeding and throwing the games on purpose.
        Played 3 ranked game sinces my post the rest I played as stack 1 week later I'm back in lowprio to be fair I didn't do anything that should have been reportable except play the game to my best possible lvl, however I had a clinkz that was flaming since min 1 so I muted him and seems I got reported by others because of this guy ty volvo.
        From now on when I get out of lowprio I quit playing pub ranked on my main and go smurf instead when I wanna play in pub hell

        Well technically I could also have been reported by enemy team when we where 5 stacking because I was owning em hard, but hey again ty for great system volvo 6 years I have never been in low prio now I'm in there 2 times in less than 14 days.

        Well the thing is I there is not really any afkers and feeders in my games that might be a problem in 1-4k I dunno. Problem is toxic people that flames because they keep dying or keep making bad decissions and then blame team for their fuckups. These toxic people can sometimes turn a whole team against you for doing nothing wrong, and then I will end in low prio instead of them. These toxic people will not stay lucky forever and at some point they will end in lowprio meaning they can no longer send others down there and for every time they end in lowprio it will be harder for them to send nice behaving players in low prio. Ofc it will be a small mess in the begining, but in the long run the right players will be getting into low prio and the bad behaving players will no longer have any influence in the community.
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          Everyone is going low priority ... toxic an non-toxic players .

          It's not just you .


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            The moment you rely on an automated system to distribute punishment is the moment you send innocent people to low or give them mute. The moment you start segregating people into different pools is the moment you start encouraging smurf account creation. The current system is worse than no system at all. Ranked is also a total mess with people in the 2-4k range being a total wildcard. People pick 4 carries every other gme because nobody cares to put in place a pre-game role picker, so people can play the position they want. Really incompetent handling of thos otherwise wonderful game. The competitive spirit of the game is now long gone. People don't play to win anymore, they play to troll because they are tilted thanks to Valve's incredibly retarded punishment system.


            • #21
              Nothing will ever make a difference with this horrible automated shitty system. Any suggestion is irrelevant and pointless.