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Still the overpowered unbalanced hero that needs nerf

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  • Still the overpowered unbalanced hero that needs nerf

    Spectre- Even with 2k hp below with durability and damage items (farmed) she's unstoppable (I hate that blademail)

    Enigma- Blackhole and midnight pulse is way more op than warlock's spell.

    Troll Warlord- is like the most overpowered carry-pusher hero than nature prophet because of his stun, passive and high burst damage.

    Slardar's AS speed buff is seriously STUNNING I mean literally cursed to be naked with no armor and get rekt by that giant dong lancer thing and kill us slowly

    Centaur Warrunner- If let him farm he's the tank of the carry to push.

    Lone Druid is overpowered rabid, as speed plus the rabid, Lone druid can kill everything who comes near him like a melee (ld) and ranged (bear) and that 175+ attack range is op needs to be +100 or at level 20-25 talent tree to prevent cancer push and farming lane safely.

    and everything else is balanced. this is stressful.
    Last edited by DioX; 03-18-2017, 10:54 PM. Reason: Lone druid is still cancer

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    I assume by this post that you are somewhere below 2K maybe even below 1K..

    Spectre is not that great of a carry right now. Troll even less. Troll gets bursted at higher MMR within a split second and gets kited for days. Troll can only right click basically, if he stun locks someone in his ult, he might kill that guy, but with proper supports with force staff, glimmer etc. and saving spells like WW heal- troll cant realy do much.

    Regarding the other heroes youve mentioned- I dunno, I dont really think theyre OP. Sure the bear could use a nerf or two, but thats about it.

    I think Monkey is a bit too strong in early to mid game and could use a slight nerf, same for Necro and Kotl- they should get a slight nerf, thats about it. Slardar and Centaur are just good Meta heroes right now, theyre not OP or anything, just solid offllane picks in any game.

    Above 3K Troll usually gets wrecked in most games. Troll is not good right now. Just buy Euls/force staff/Ghost Scepter against him. Some Troll players with brain will buy Diffusal to counter it, but this is an item you dont really want to have on Troll. You wanna go for high tier items with troll like Skadi probably MKB etc. Like when youre 6-slotted, you dont want one of the items to be Diffusal Blade. Youd much rather want it to be smth like Butterfly or something else instead of the Diffusal.


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      pa is the only broken hero.... its the only hero where you can feed like a dumbass and still win the game easily by getting a lucky crit in the right situation


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        Originally posted by todd24 View Post
        pa is the only broken hero.... its the only hero where you can feed like a dumbass and still win the game easily by getting a lucky crit in the right situation
        heroes that requires a lot of farm needs to be harassed by the supports also ward their area where they farm so its easy to stop them from winning easily. but if you let them grow your gonna have a bad day.

        also for those heroes who are fragile like skymage is easily killed but for crystal maiden that little maiden is so annoying the most overpowered support than scary omniknight.