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Allow ban and kick players in unranked (with moderator admin 24/7)

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  • Allow ban and kick players in unranked (with moderator admin 24/7)

    people who trashtalk and tells where we are in map keeps ruining our farm and defense also its fishing for attention causing the farmed carry to be targeted first than the tank or escape hero making the game more harder and situational and the fear of losing because of that asshole this also should be in ranked they should get a ban, low priority and -100 mmr after kicked from the game by someone who reported the player (if they added back the report system)

    He/she is useless anyways if he/she is kicked because he/she is a toxic player what else would he/she do be a pest and ruin your game or give you enough gold to push and an advantage?

    this is the reason why dota 2 isn't famous in some country not because its violent (there is no blood etc. only psychopaths will do this in real life) because of the community.
    Yes, Add the punishment system
    Yes, but there should be some changes in your paragraph
    No, it's way worst than before
    No, let it stay that way it isn't bothering me at all

    The poll is expired.

  • #2
    and lets not forget about those trollers who hooks you in an area which you have no tp scroll and blink dagger or force staff to get out of there or keeps using items on you (which you can just disable help) but seriously that pudge hook is annoying. and lets not forget about that kill stealer who waits for you to die until the enemy is low hp then he/she will kill it and get the satisfaction. T_T


    • #3
      The developer gave the players to make their own choice whether they want to join UNRANKED or RANKED match in Dota 2.
      So, to me, if the dev wants to balance both type of game matches, they must make both the same during in-game run stuffs.
      This will make the game to remain competitive like before when Dota 2 still in beta version or before the release the of MMR system.
      MMR is just a number for players to be "more" competitive in another different way".
      But when they have no MMR, I believe they still have the feel of RANKED competition when they are playing the UNRANKED game because both have same in-game run stuffs.
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        Yes so toxic players like you can abuse the votekick system 24/7... yeah no thanks


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          It's no fun if your team is an account buyer who doesn't know how to play dota 2, always loud mouths "especially the enemy team who abuses a lot I mean why are we even allowed to talk to the other team why not we just add the system like this (if a player dcs there are dialogues were we press to tell the enemy team to wait for their team to reconnect back)" and those noobs who isn't focusing on their roles (eg. support that is carry, iniatiator turned to a jungler 40 min and all the barracks are destroyed still farming not engaging and the supports who doesn't support.) ALSO THE TUTORIAL STUFFS THE NOOBS WATCHED DOTA 2 TUTORIAL VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE THAN LISTENING TO THE TUTORIAL IN THE APP PROVIDED FOR NEWBIES.