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Fix Matchmaking {PLEASE LOOK}

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  • Fix Matchmaking {PLEASE LOOK}

    Hi dota 2 community, please take a look at these games

    These people have been doing fix matchmaking, matching almost the same opponent every game, for compendium levels and stuff and hope that some action will be taken against them....

    Dotabuff :
    Steam :

  • #2
    I suggest Valve to permanently BAN those idiot abusers.
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    • #3
      okay, same problem here

      This user :

      and his stacks are abusing random draft matches in different servers to farm stats and compendium related quest and levels

      For the fairness of the game i think these abuser should be somewhat punish. If not i think more people are going to do this if is being ignore by the community.


      • #4
        Is it possible to implement another form of ignore in user profiles, in addition to voice/text chat ignore? I want to prevent some people assignment to same match with me at all, in other words it's must be some sort of matchmaking exclusions, to keep these profiles not sharing same matches with me, while matchmaking. These are pick Sniper/Weaver in bot matches and focusing only at their KDA, GPM, XPM, go double mid, teleports allies to enemy fountain via Io (also even in ranked matches), picking two carries in safe lane and then do concurrent spell-stealing farm, feed with couriers, swap an ally on Vengeful spirit into 5 enemies, warding under the fountain, destroy their items or take allies' items from courier and hiding it, etc. In common words, they are game ruiners or simply inadequate, so I won't accept any nonzero probability to meet them in match - no difference, as enemy or as ally. These people are selfish and won't work with team at all, I think they will feel better with same people, excluded from adequate allies matchmaking.
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          Users with Steam profile detail as follows, "This user has not yet set up their Steam Community profile. If you know them, encourage him/her to set up their profile and join in on the gaming!" still can join Dota 2 RANKED MATCHMAKING.
          VALVE is creating a stupid system for UNKNOWN Steam user who has hidden background to join and play Dota 2 ranked games (limiting players to have at least level 20 profile levels is useless).
          They want us to help them in improving the quality of community? But look at the VALVE team or Dota 2 team for allowing them in doing so.
          TOTALLY NONSENSE AND STUPID! If a gamer or player who is playing Dota 2 and he is cheating or attempt to scam the Dota 2 items, how the victim can help or cooperate with VALVE to fight those frauds or criminals?

          PLEASE WAKE UP!
          Last edited by Crystal Nova - lce; 05-17-2017, 07:55 AM.
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