This game really becomes punishment simulator.

You are getting stomped? Can't leave, can't AFK, just continue to be stomped. Can't even be safe in the fountain. Now one can even be punished for not picking a hero in time. Low prio? It used to be fun, but no it's only single pick. Play hero you don't know how to play. Some kind of new MMR system has been introduced, now playing with friends you get some ridiculous boost in MMR which brings stronger opponents. Getting punished for teamplay great. Stick to solo.

I'm starting to wonder if this whole game is just a psychological experiment - how much can you punish people and still get their cash.

Seriously devs - think about it. The more you punish people the more toxic they become. It doesn't work the way you think it does. The more you punish players the more they will try to break the system. Make this game fun to play instead. Rework the mechanics to make matches more balanced. It's not a matter of matchmaking where the problem lies, but a matter of fact that few early kills lead to one sided stomp too often... Make losing fun somehow. Now it's definately not. There are so many people playing now not for sportsmanship but to just humiliate others and make fun of them in the chat. This creates toxicity. Nothing else. Reporting system? Total fail. In the past at least we had some feedback that our report worked. Now either there's no feedback or it just doesn't work at all. Perma ban for some mostly toxic players should be introduced, casuals shouldn't be punished at all. Especially for AFKing in already lost game.