Dear Valve,

You want money or you want a longer surviving game? Honestly, all the 5 tutorials of "Dota 2" are quite fail. Do you use your brain when designing a good system to improve the quality of matchmaking players of Dota 2? There are many flaws or weaknesses I can see with my eyes. Many players with low number of matches but already met the level requirement can join the matchmaking games. There are many solutions but not every solution is good. Okay, I know that.

When I look at how the level of "Dota 2" profile can be upgraded by spending more cash in purchases, I started to think and keep asking on public, "Why the developer allow players who afford to spend more cash to join the competitive ranked MM at earlier stage compared to players who putting efforts by playing the "Dota 2" normal MM games everyday?"

Talking about their achievement to join ranked MM games, don't you think that players who spent a lot of time in a legit MM game usually have more experience than players who spent a lot of cash and sometimes never care their MM games results? Thing I would like to share here is, players who never care their MM games results are probably the "spoilers" or better known as "cancerous players" by the "Dota2" community.

To be honest, Valve should start to change the face of "Dota 2" game by implementing a new way to start playing the game. For example, all newly registered MUST finish the tutorial game in few stages especially the GAME SETTINGS (hotkeys/options/video/audio). Based on my experience, a lot of newbies still don't know how to plant the "observer ward" or "sentry ward" at the right spot. Sometimes, the newbies will plant the wards inside the "neutral creep boxes" causing the teammates unable to farm neutral creeps in the forest. Thus, argument happens. Besides the compulsory GAME SETTINGS tutorials, newbies MUST finish at least 100 or 200 of bots games before joining the real MM games to play with humans.

The commendations where most players already accumulated must not be wasted or keep passive. It must be used as something useful in order to prevent other players from spoiling the quality of MM games. Here is my idea to reduce "spoilers" or "cancerous players" from joining competitive ranked MM games. Referring to the number of accumulated commendations, it can be used as "inner virtual bail" or known as "IVB". The reason I am suggesting this "IVB" is because nowadays a lot of players like to transfer, buy, sell, lend, or borrow their accounts to different parties and causing problems when they un-linking the mobile number that already linked to their accounts. If they want to link their accounts with a new mobile number to play in ranked competitive MM, then they must use the commendations or "IVB" to pay for it.

For example:
  • Player 'A' has a "Dota 2" account with commendations of 3000 and he sells it to a friend named, player 'B'. If player 'B' wants to own that account or use that account by linking his mobile number, then he must pay by using the commendations accumulated in that account ("IVB"), which means he will need to get enough commendations back if he wants to sell that account to another player or that account commendations will drops based on the cost of "IVB" or he must continue play normal MM games in order to get enough of commendations to pay the cost of "IVB" if commendations too low.
  • Players who accidentally un-linked or lost his mobile phone shall receive the same penalty by paying the cost to add a new mobile number and the 3 months penalty of no ranked MM game will still applied. The cost of "IVB" can be based on the ages of account or "first match" played by that account. If an account has older age, then the cost of "IVB" will be lower compared to account that has younger age or "first match" date which is "younger". I know many of us will question and ask, "why older account has such advantage?". That is due to the spamming of newly registered accounts by players who play and sell to others for profits only (one of the factors where "spoilers" or "cancerous players" are born).
  • Current suggested "IVB" costs is 1000 or 2000 (depends on how Valve or developer analysis the commendations accumulated by all the players).