We all know boosters are ruining quite a few ranked match making games, but there isn't much we can do about it. Here are some red flags that they are a booster account, aka someone who is being paid to increase someone's personal Dota account.

1) They will pick a carry such as Jugg, Sniper, etc.
2) They may have around 2k BattlePoints. People who pay someone else to boost their account tend to have money and don't mind spending a lot on this game.
3) They will Predict their team will win as soon as the game starts.
4) Dotabuff will usually be anonymous.
5) Lastly, they will always try to win the game fast. The games that I have been in with a booster have all ended within 30 minutes the majority of the time.

This only finally clicked to me because I had someone in my game telling us that he is a 4.6k player and he is just boosting the account he was on. Ever since then, I have asked these so called "boosters", and they will just reply with a smile. I am also confused as to why when I download my replays, the booster players "ALL" chat messages are not showing up in the replays? It looks like I am talking to myself. Is there a way to view the team chat on these replays?

I have won against boosters, but at the end of the day, that chance is very low. I am just disappointed but will continue to play the game as usual. I will always try warn my team whoever the booster account is, and hopefully they step up and focus on that individual.