Match ID :- 3440474068
Player name :- ES Death
Friend ID :- 147618381

Hello Friends,
There is a glitch or a bug in Dota 2 that if you select your courier and right click on any enemy tower or building, the courier will go there but the funny thing is that there will be no status shown as to who is using the courier!!!
Now i have a steam friend who keeps on abusing this loop hole of the Dota 2 game in almost every match! Its when he's not given mid Lane he harasses the mid laner by feeding courier continuously while no know who is doing it. Most probably they believe its the Mid laner so the poor guy gets reported!
I'm not only saying that this player should be penalized but i want Dota 2 developers to fill up this Loop hole so no other player including this player can abuse it. In short i want to contribute to improve the Dota 2 community!

P.S i have given a Match id in which this particular player abuses this bug in Dota 2, Please check it!

Summary :
Courier is intentionally fed with out knowing who did it!

Repro :
1) Buy a courior
2) Select the Courier and then right click on any enemy building. (tower,shrine,hero effigy, Throne etc)
3) Your courier will move towards that building but there will be no one shown in courier status bar as to who is sending the courier.
4) Ultimately the enemy heroes, creeps or tower that encounter the courier kills it and receives free gold.

Results :
1) Other team members are denied courier for atleast the next 2:00 minutes.
2) Enemy team receives free gold, Match becomes unbalanced!
3) Some player abuse this loop hole at will in almost every game.

Expected :
Status of the player should be shown who is using the courier!

Let me know if you have any questions.