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Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov: "Dota 2 is doomed for slow and painful death"

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  • Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov: "Dota 2 is doomed for slow and painful death"

    Source on russian

    <translated by me>

    Every month DOTA 2 is losing its players, and not by 0.1%, but by 5-7%.

    It's not hard to count that in a year (maybe two) nobody would play Dota, online would be 200k people, and you wouldn't be able to find someone to play with since there would be no players, and that would lead to even bigger loses for online. By that tempo we're risking to say goodbye to Dota, because it would be on one level with some boring HotS.

    I'm literally begging Valve for more player-attractive and friendly party matchmaking in the next big patch. And I can't see another way out other than that.

    Let's ask ourselves, for example, why PUBG became so popular? Because when you're playing solo, you're really playing solo, and nobody can ruin a match for you but only you. When you are playing in a party - it's much like you're playing solo, but with friends, and again nobody can ruin a match for you but only you or your teammates. If you don't like that you can either find another friends to play with or you can return to playing solo.

    In DOTA 2, when you're playing solo, your game can be ruined by some idiot who got his "F" in math today, or was scolded by mom, or came home drunk, or who just got a bad mood. And now there's no need for Party MMR, because it's just not worthy appendage.
    You always will be asked: "How much solo MMR do you got?", and if you got 2k solo but 5k party, you will have answer like this: "LOL, party, who cares about it, you can easily abuse it with friends, you got 2k solo anyway, noob". And that would be rude and not corresponding to reality, but you can't change opinions just like that.

    And for some unknown reason for 7 years nobody, including Valve, gives a damn about fact that Dota is one of the that games, where you REALLY need teamplay, you need to discuss everything there, you need strategy and tactic -- you need things that you can't have when playing solo. And obviously, for further game development, for further game evolution, you need to expand party MM, you need to create good plot for playing with friends, to praise playing CM. But right now you can't find it in-game, and, I repeat, party MMR is a appendage that nobody gives a damn about.

    Let's sum it up. People don't want to play solo right now, because in solo MMR there's idiots who's ruining the games, there's trash, and there's no punishment for being toxic and for ruining of game process. And people can't find a reason to play party MMR because it's not worthy, everyone just thinks that party MMR is something that they don't need, and for the most of people it's a place where you can go and do some crazy ruining stuff cuz "It's a party MMR anyway".

    But, no matter who says what, it's really really hard to turn solo rating into a good place for a nice playing and good experience because if you will put a strict punishments in the game at once, it can lead to more players leaving Dota. Because players got used to what's happening right now and putting strict punishments at once is really risky. You can think about that for yourself. But praising the teamplay and playing in party is much easier and that would lead all things to good because only you are choosing who would you play with.

    No matter how the balance will change, no matter what Valve will do new, if you won't change MMR system and won't make it more attractive for playing with friends, Dota is doomed for slow and painful death. I really don't wanna see it.
    I dedicated all my life for learning this game and making it grow in CIS region. For me, Dota is not only a work but also hobby that I really love. And I just can't watch on its death.


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    современная дота - это анбалансная параша. кто пикнул имбу тот и победит! но айсдауна это устраивает - он не собирается ничего менять в ближайший месяц.
    По материалам киберспортивного портала


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      It's an english forum, mate.