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Riki (perma invisible) is super annoying on both enemy and teammates

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  • Riki (perma invisible) is super annoying on both enemy and teammates

    Enemy (againts Riki players)
    Everyone hates the talent tree lvl 25 that's why someone in every match picks a support if the player knows Riki is cancer and is trying to win the game. Those supports buy a ton of wards just for the sake to stop Riki from farming yasha, diffusal blade and desolator so he can't get a rampage and ruin the fun or the worst part getting to level 25 forcing them to buy a gem and many wards just to get rid of him or they all afk in tower until riki gets bored and blinks in. I don't want to ruin my account by giving the match id how I got 50-0 as Riki with 1 support and exposing me to prevent spammers from harassing me with add friend and then talking to me like a retarded feminist.

    Team (having Riki as teammate)
    Its like Hanzo and Genji not standing in the point and harrassing the enemy team and then instead trying to get the play of the game trash view.
    3569640949 the match id - I'm PA and this retarded Riki is just standing there doing nothing. I'm waiting for him to smoke properly and then I got bored and started farming normally UNTIL THIS AUTISTIC RIKI started hitting the creeps and not even killing it and neither do I get to kill it and gain advantage instead DK got the advantage and Lion is cancer with his long aoe cast range and suck range. This Riki is so useless that I'm forced to B and be cautious if he's gonna stun and kill me and when I got the chance I try to kill DK and Lion and this retard blinks in and kill steals me without smoking at all, just standing there waiting for me to strike WHAT THE FUCK VALVE! I'm trying to win the game by not losing gold and get battle fury early so I can farm in jungle early to stay the fuck away from this Riki he didn't even kill the enemies, he blocked my walking after blinking and getting stunned by lion and we run after him and he's tbagging block me and then I didn't get a chance to blink because Riki ruined it.

    After that I started changing tactics and it turns out Riki gets all the fucking kills than me and the enemy team is talking about us in alies chat the hell Valve! that's the support's job to get the assist and PA uses all his skills and abilities to help team carry the game and win and this little fucking bastard with 39 dmg with perma stealth or invisibity just blinks and backstabs then kills the enemy no skill requires but when losing he's useless as fuck afking until someone initiates and we all die because he just ult than smoke and his smoke is max than blink.

    please change this hero to something more productive than being a pest after being dusted many times feeding the enemy team or feeding us to the enemy team by that little fucker.

    the toxic player's account:

    yeah you hear me talking shit to riki and everyone else and that's because Riki intoxicated me and I can't even control myself for 5 mins and just smurf already. Just let me smurf dammit I want a second account. Its a new ip address though. Thus this game is terrible unlike Overwatch (tf2, csgo, lol and other games that has chat stress in it are the shittiest game ever because of the community and the dumbness they can do not the game itself).

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    Riki useless af and annoying and he's my teammate! Why is he that annoying?! because he freaking tbag blocks you when you walk to chase the enemy team.