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READ!!! I am doubting IceFrog and Dota 2 team are reading our feedback here...

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  • READ!!! I am doubting IceFrog and Dota 2 team are reading our feedback here...

    There is something made me feel very disappointed after I made a few posts about the abuse of Observer Ward (OW) and Sentry Ward (SW) by players in Dota 2. Today, I met this player (Dota 2 ID: 368445781, Steam profile: and we played in a game (match ID: 3586356808). That player abusing the OW and SW for many times since early of the game. He also intentionally never help or assist the teammates by ignoring to disable the enemies with his stun skill.

    I am not posting here to talk about his abusing in my match. But I want to know why after so many years of Dota 2 release, the OW and SW still can be abused by the player?

    The game spoiler locking down the farming camps of my team and caused many of my teammates farms including mine to drop, which means our networth were dropping. Medusa is a hero who can farm very fast and we were winning the game in the beginning because we still able to farm. However, the spoiler who played as Ogre Mage used the OW and SW to lock the neutral creeps in my team from respawning. Try and imagine, how my team can win without extra farm?

    I have a question here for Dota 2 team, why the game designer is so stupid and never fix this problem after many years?

    There are so many possible ways to fix such simple problem since we got the "Neutral Camp Boxes" for the players. In my opinion, since players can know or see the lines of neutral camp boxes, THE GAME DESIGNER SHOULD ALLOW ONLY THE ENEMIES TO BE ABLE TO PLACE WARD INSIDE THE BOXES while allies cannot place ward inside the boxes (same as fountain area).

    Don't tell me Valve or Dota 2 team have such low IQ in designing a game by providing the neutral camp boxes to the players but never fix the problem caused by their idea. Please fix it asap because this is a serious matter to look into.

    Remember what I've said, "Only enemies can place ward within the neutral camp boxes while allies cannot place ward inside the boxes."
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    Read this Dota 2 team! This kind of Sentry Ward abuse or misuse is freaking pissed me off! Fix it asap! And take this as a very serious issue! I hope so! bump
    [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
    [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]