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Requirements to join Ranked Game are too low, affecting performance quality...

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  • Requirements to join Ranked Game are too low, affecting performance quality...

    There are many requirements need to be achieved in order to join the ranking matchmaking.
    - link a unique phone number to the Steam account
    - profile account level must be at least level 20
    - must play 10 trial games to calibrate the MMR
    The developer gives new players to create or own their Steam account and join Dota 2 reborn matchmaking with such low requirements.

    In my opinion, getting a unique phone number nowadays is not a difficult way because many phone service providers always recommending the customers to buy new phone numbers as more number usages will give the companies more profits. There are many offers out there. Even myself can own up to 10 or 20 unique phone mobile numbers if I want.

    Profile account level must be at least level 20 is not a hard way to achieve because the account level is affected by owner's purchases on Dota 2 Store. Using some money to purchase items on Dota 2 Store to make the level grows faster and play few other games, then the level will reach level 20. That is how many sellers sold or buyers bought their accounts (I had seen too many accounts on Steam whose levels are still low around 20+ ~ 30+. Worse is, their Steam profiles are not yet set up).

    Now, come to this 10 trial games to calibrate the MMR. How these 10 games can determine the professionalism of a new player? Dear developer/Dota 2 team, do you guys know how many games the Dota 1 players had played before they migrated to Dota 2 beta last time? I was a Dota 2 beta player before and I experienced myself. When Dota 2 beta was launched in 2011, many old players who played thousands of Dota 1 games went to join Dota 2 beta and when Dota 2 was first released in 2013, there are mature communities that went playing Dota 2. Worst case scenario is, I can see using my own eyes when the bad players slowly joining Dota 2. Nowadays, old and new players are given the chance to simply create new Steam accounts and join Dota 2. When the new communities are joining or mixing with the old communities for the matchmaking, the gaming quality in Dota 2 gonna be the worst because their experiences in Dota 2 are much different from what we can see! Only those who play with each others can feel the differences.

    Even a new professional player who just joined Dota 2 should be separated from an old professional player who played Dota 2 for very long times. I believe, with the separation of join dates in Dota 2 matchmaking can improve the quality of game-playing. If new players want to join matchmaking with old players in Dota 2, then they can compete in lobby matchmaking that give very much lesser impacts on the MMR or achievements of players, where all these MMR or achievements always be the reason why players want to look for boosting services or buying accounts. I have a question here, "Why so many new accounts that just joined Dota 2 still can match up with accounts that joined Dota 2 since 2011?" In general, old players are more suitable to be matched with old players because their competitive gaming will look more attractive and much better compared to imbalance competitive gaming where old and new players will perform differently with kind of skills that can cause the whole games to be spoiled.

    Who joined and play Dota 2 since its beta version? I believe you can understand, feel, and see the differences and changes happening since long time ago until now.

    Really hope there is a staff or designer will read because many times players can experience things that developer missed out. Thanks.

    TL;DR (I'm just sharing based on my experiences)
    [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
    [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]

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    [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
    [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]