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Dota 2 should use low priority to separate the GOOD and BAD automatically

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  • Dota 2 should use low priority to separate the GOOD and BAD automatically

    It seems like many years has passed but the developer still fail to improve the communities of Dota 2 in many regions because almost on every day there are major numbers of new players keep joining this free-to-play game. When Dota 2 beta was just launched in 2011, the quality of communities in Dota 2 is very good probably because of the participations by mature and old players from Dota-Allstars or Dota 1. We still can't see any bad appearance on the communities during that era because of these numbers of players who just joined Dota 2 beta. However, the communities of Dota 2 started to become bad and worse from day to day when the game was launched in 2013 where new players are able to join this free-to-play game with low requirements such as no compulsory mobile phone number is required to bound on a registered personal Steam. I believe this may be the reason why there are so many players keep on registering on Steam and creating their secondary or alternate Dota 2 accounts. We should already knew the consequences when so many smurfers and boosters joined the communities (I don't think these consequences need to be talked).

    Today, more young community started to join this free-to-play Dota 2 game. When the old community are still playing in this Dota 2 game, I cannot see the developer is doing something to separate them because young and old communities cannot play on same match. The reason why I call them as "young" community is their gap of experiences to the old community. In my opinion, the young and old communities should be placed to be met with each other in a lobby game for battles that sharing experiences such as coaching, training, and learning, where these lobby battles will create very low impact to the MMR that been cultivated since years ago. The impact will be very low because it mostly costs their time to spend with the young community only.

    So, how the low priority can work to help the developer? To me, a player nowadays should hold a score of behavior that act like the medal ranking to be displayed out on their profiles. If good behavior players such as Dendi who has thousands of commendations cannot get a recognition by the developer, then what is the use for him to keep on behaving as a good player? If the developer can use the commendation score as an alternate achievement to be displayed on leaderboard and players' profiles, then I believe the players will want to have a good name for themselves too. Tell me, by logic, who in this world want their names to be broken down by the developer or community?

    I have 3 paragraphs of explanations on top. Now, this is how players should be placed into low priority.
    My first suggestion is, create one point of threshold for player to reach in order to escape their low priority queuing. If the player fails to reach that threshold, then he will be placed into low priority queue.
    My second suggestion is, any player in the game who types or uses bad (insulting) word will automatically get a reduction on his commendation score. To me, best is reduction of 1 commendation for every bad word he types.
    My third suggestion is, any player who never type or use bad (insulting) word during the game (from Players Loading Time until end of the game) will automatically receive 1 commendation by the game system.
    The bad or insulting words meant by me can be such as "fuck", "asshole", "stupid", "idiot", "noob", etc (more languages to be added). Why I suggested the game system should be the machine who gives and reduces the commendations of the players? We should able to see a lot of players nowadays always abuse the reports given to them on certain weeks. We can see with our raw eyes where good players dropped into low priority for no reason while bad players stay to play in ranked games, very unfair (based on my experiences in Dota 2 since ranked matchmaking was introduced at the end of 2013).

    Where are you, IceFrog?
    Where are you guys, Dota 2 team?
    Why such simple way, which can eliminate the bad players (without using report system) is still not used in Dota 2 after so many years?

    What is happening to this game actually?

    Sorry for my bad English ~ I am not a Western people who using English as native language...
    [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
    [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]

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    [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
    [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]