Got 48 hours play ban + 48 hours mute for 2 weeks in a row, after playing ~10 games. Was giving others players nothing but constructive critisizm in-game, being supportive (check the games, 10+ obses/20+ sentries each game). Got reports from premuted people, who usually go to offlane (they cannot fathom going to offlane as a duo, not joking or being sarcastic here) and if they cannot get their lvl 2+ fast, they tilt, rage, break items and so on; I have to endure and ignore their psychotic alt-clicks and no-text vocal "Thanks!" from them throughout the game. As I already said it here once, I 've never broke my items or fed couriers in this game, _always_ trying to win. This is what I get - reports, reports, reports. Shut the fuck up, lazutu, go to LP, be muted for 48 hours as well (why can't I _just_ be muted those players who don't want to hear me inside the game? Is muting me forever not enough? It's not like I'm screaming into mic/I have a very good mic). How, HOW in the world is Valve allowing these reports to go through AND punish the undeserving, I do not know. Please do something about it.

Deleted Dota until changes are done to this horrid and sadistic pro-toxic players' game.