Hey, developers. I have a question for you.
Why enemy report can spoil my level of behavior? I'm often play on techies (it is forbidden?) and enemy players reporting me for it.
This also applies to those who play well or play similar characters like Tinker, Jagger, etc.
I already asked you to remove the opportunity to send me to LP from enemy for techies and you do it, very tnx for it, but when you play in the F bracket where every second goes to fiding or intentionally spoils the game the usual rating games turn into something worse than lp. Even more disappointing when you play in this pool, undeservedly.
The solution to this issue will be a complete blocking of the opportunity to complain about an opponent if he is not cheating.
My dotabuff, for you can make sure that I'm right. https://ru.dotabuff.com/players/156318846
Sorry for bad english it's my tier3 lang.
Thank you in advance for your attention.