Steam profile (Weaver):

64 ID: 76561198287987755

Match ID: 3793005135

Reported Hero: Weaver

Reason for report: This guy is in Low Priority for feeding, griefing and ruining ranked matchmaking... now in Low Priority he is doing the same thing. Biggest cancer I've seen in history of Dota 2.
I see admins/developers banning people for 4 years and stuff, could you guys teach this douchebag a lesson??? Seems Low Priority aint teaching him manners and not to Intentionally feed + grief.....

He does it from START of the game to END of the game, people like this are ruining ur game and the experience the community have ingame. They dont belong in multiplayer games, specially teamplay games.

Your players/customers DESERVE ALOT better, worst player I've come across on YEARS and im not joking whatsoever.