Been playing since dota 2 went beta.. and dota 1 since 2007 or 08. Regardless of the mmr change into rank medals, it's still visible under stats. But the problem is real, terrible players,boosters/passives. I currently sit at almost 3.9k and the people i play with have nowhere near the knowledge or skill of that mmr range and i can compare it to a year ago or even 5 years back. It's MUCH worse. Ever since dota went live the dota 1 vets that played dota 2 got diluted.Id bet most games under 4k barely have a single decent player that stands out with some form of intelligence. As a result nothing advanced like split pushing, wave cutting or trading takes place because everyones so hopelessly bad.
The realization ive come to is that this is mostly due to me being a flamer and "shadow pool" but the issue still stands. You get 2-3 people who are passive noobs without a clue and the enemy plays like nothing is wrong on their side. If that isnt some kind of rigged matchmaking its just obvious. Im admitting my problem of being a flamer and i get put with "likeminded" people who flame in all chat. However what most people notice is start getting winstreaks and you will be put you with such inepts that you wont win even if youre miracle.
Except he doesnt play in 4k shadow pool. He plays the real dota where people arent windowlickers, everything is calculated and planned out. Its actually easier there than lower mmr because people perform the way you expect them to. Really well. Here its a mixed bag of ohboyoyoyoyo and lately boosted/acc buyers and generally newb people who manage to calibrate at 3.5k and since its a mmr range that starts to have some shadow of real dota these newbs get carried into higher tier. If they calibrated at say 2k theyd stay down there for a long time before climbing out.

I guess what im saying is that new people in dota are just terrible. Dota 1 had great dota playerbase because people played warcraft 3 and so dota 1 was just another custom game and they were intimately familiar with it even without playing it for thousands of hours. Its a case of played 1 custom game = played them all kind of thing. Dota is not like cs go or overwatch. pubg or any other easy to get into easy to master fps crap. It takes years to gain knowledge and hone skills. I cant believe new accounts even get to calibrate to 3.5k when real dota starts at about 4.5k. its not that far. Ive come to realize that valve will do nothing about this because in the end all that matters to them is that theyre making money. And passive noobs buy most crap. Usually the more decked the player is with custom items the more passive and laid back he is. As in a total windowlicker that usually gets carried. This is all of course talking from experience in a supposed shadow pool. Since none of that is changing ill try muting all game chat for good for a few dozen games and simply ignore retard plays and maybe ill get put back into normal pool. (ive done that numerous times and its worked before, its just in my nature to lose my proverbial "shit" someone does a misplay, for someone who has sunk thousands of hours its infuriating when someone makes a simple misplay and doesnt own up to it. When i think about it none of this is relevant if its only limited to shadowpool. but if normal pool is plagued by same uduits then there is no solution except to change my mentality which is no easy feat.
If anyone finds this useful know that only you hold yourself back from going higher in mmr. Flaming others achieves nothing and valve punishes you and not the terrible players so theres no point in it. Like a said dota doesnt start until about 4.5k so theres no point in flaming noobs below it when u think about it.

Thanks for reading this wall of consolidated thought drivel. It helps to put it in sight to see whats really going on.