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1 Feeder, 3 toxic communication abusers and 3 reportabusers

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  • 1 Feeder, 3 toxic communication abusers and 3 reportabusers

    Steam Profile (Razor):
    64 ID: 76561198154963491

    Steam Profile (Riki):
    64 ID:76561198324472809

    Steam Profile (Jugger):
    64 ID:76561198319347880

    Match ID: 3840812652

    Reported heros: Razor, Riki and Jugger

    Reason for report:
    * Razor - Feeding mid from 2nd min and ruining game big time, on top of that very toxic and abusing communication and reportabuser
    * Riki - Griefer and very toxic with communication abuse and report-abuser
    * Jugger - Feeder, toxic with communication abuse and reportabuser

    Basicly they told me that I'll get reported because I didnt play the exact role they wanted me to play. In no way am I forced to play whatever others tell me to play. I even gave this Razor MID and he ruined game with feeding.

    Playing this game is just not possible, why? I end up with Iranians/Syrians that are playing from ANOTHER PART OF THE WORLD on EU WEST!!!!!! LOCK REGIONS, LOCK REGIONS, LOCK REGIONS!!!!! FIX YOUR GAME.

    I QUE UP ON EU WEST TO PLAY WITH PEOPLE FROM WESTERN EUROPE, NOT PEOPLE FROM EAST (ARAB COUNTRIES). Your matchmaking is nothing but a joke, im 100% that you dont lock regions because your playerbase have dropped so hard that A LOT of people wouldnt even get a game. DONT hide ur failures, FIX THEM SO THAT UR PLAYERBASE THATS GET SMALLER AND SMALLER ATLEAST CAN ENJOY A (DECENT) GAME.
    Valve you guys are seriously a colossal failure with both ur major titels, both unplayable.

    Even a garbage company like Bluehole with PUBG understood this problem and locked regions, huge problem fixed with 1 easy update. FIX THIS so that people can play proper dota... while you still have players playing this shit game.
    Last edited by kemoR; 04-19-2018, 10:22 AM.