Steam profile (Axe):

64 ID: 76561198259951236

Match ID: 3846599764

Reported Hero: Axe

Reason for report: So basicly before the game started someone in the team said that this Axe is a game ruiner and a heavy one, first seconds of the game he started feeding and did it til the end.. fed our courier to enemy team and more.

100% wintrader or account buyer ruining ranked matchmaking intentionally. Please perma ban these players and their accounts...... and quick.

The guy this axe is wintrading with ---> (Im 99.9% sure)

Check game history...

Game 1.
Game 2.
Game 3.

Notice that he is feeding the same account, probably a lot more of this pattern if you check up the history.

Axe = Feeder account tinker is using to win