Steam Profile (Lifestealer):
64 ID: 76561198181106710

Steam Profile (Ember-spirit):
64 ID: 76561198163200974

Match ID: 3848073044

Reported heros: Lifestealer & Ember Spirit

Reason for report: account/boost buyers who should be playing unranked at best but are in legend/ancient ruining ranked matchmaking... have seriously not seen this clueless players ever in history of dota 2. Both feeding and griefing aswell.

Valve... DEAR DEAR DEVELOPERS!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FIX THIS GAME........... whatever it is, algortyhm, ranksystem, regionlock or whatever it takes. I seriously cant get one fucking single decent dota game, im just wasting my time playing ur shit game.
This is way and above absurd and ridiculous, if it doesnt get better VERY soon im leaving for LoL. Im pretty sure majority of players feel the same, its becoming a fucking meme. Your game is DEAD SOON, FIX THIS SHIT FOR ONCE.

Developers and key-figures that have worked on CS:GO and Dota 2 for the last 5 years have litteraly killed 2 major titels on their own, you should be ashamed.