Steam account(Jugger):
64 ID: 76561198126690502

Steam account (Shadowfiend):
64 ID: 76561198813591288

Match ID:3851089085

Reported Heros: Jugger & Shadowfiend

Reason for reports:
* Jugger = Account/boost buyer ruining ranked matchmaking big time, this guy doesnt even belong in herald for real.. incredible how I end up with botlike people, how is this fucking possible???? Very toxic and reportabuser aswell.
* Shadowfiend = Account/boost buyer ruining ranked matchmaking, extremly toxic on top of this & reportabuser

(Note that every account/boost buyer I get in 90% of my games ragepick mid/core farmlane and ruin the game the second they pick their roles) Lazy ass Valve not giving a shit about the game and their community, ur game is dying and I hope it dies completely.

Valve can u tell me how 90% of my games I end up with people who are so bad I cant believe my eyes??? HOW CANT I GET DECENT GAMES WHATSOEVER???????????? Just fucking confess, your game is a joke.
Your entire fucking game and matchmaking + ranksystem is a fat joke. Account/boost buyers in every fucking game. Just waste of time playing ur games (CS:GO aswell).