Hi guys. I want to start with the fact that my friend advised me to write on dev.dota saying that justice must triumph. I tried to register, and I could not logined steam acc(https://i.imgur.com/gTTIMsr.png). So I asked him for his account and write from him. If a little about me, then I'm a simple 15 year old guy who lives in DotA and tries to do everything in his power to get into the pro-stage. All my free time I pay attention to viewing records, streams, playing pubs. Now for the ban. I played my usual game, and after it I was very surprised when I saw the inscription 6m. I never feed, leaves(cuz dota means rly much for me), I have positive statistics(even behavior score C), I never used any programs in my life (I did not even remove the camera as NS taught ). I do not know, maybe it's a bug. But ban, with accuracy I can say, is not fair. In almost every game I make the maximum and try to not make mistakes, and in almost every game I'm on the first line of value / kda. I do not know if this is possible, but I do not lose hope that I will be able to get unban. My nickname in leader epileptic kid. Steam: meruemonemind .
P.S(Opened dotabuff after ban but its not showing my games on dotabuff anyway if smth u can add me or just watch games (did public history of matches)). Dota ID: 124801257
https://prnt.sc/j7voeg https://prnt.sc/j7vrtj https://prnt.sc/j7vpp0