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Community is going down..

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  • Community is going down..


    My name is Michael, and i play Dota 2 since 2011. Its a nice game, so nice. I've noticed a few bugs in the past and now i think is good, you have resolved almost all.
    I actually am a nice person with a good behavior. I have 6300 hours on this game, so you can decide if i'm noob or not.
    I've played almost game at 4k mmr wich is actually a high skill after i seen my dotabuff games statistic. I normal don't complain about anything in this world, since now.
    Almost all my life (28 y.o) i've played this game since Dota 1 and i have one question. Only one. Does anyone listen to us? Anyone can understand us in this game?
    I can't play anymore. I just can't !!!!!

    1. There is lot of toxic players, and i have only 3 reports wich i can't do anything. I play one game and i remain without it.

    2. Almost every game there is boosters.

    3. There is account buyers.

    4. There is abusers. Lot of them.

    5. There are game ruines who abandon in minute 7 after first blood.

    I am stack at my mmr, and my medal wich is so, so, so, so, so, so, sooooooooooooooo painfully. I can't do anything. I just can't. I'm frustrated asf........ so frustrated.

    Can anyone is listen this complains ?!!!!!!!!!! I began to cry in this games..... this is so sick community.....

    Please don't answer me "if you don't like it, stop playing it and leave". I love this game, it's my life...... i can't get a life without it.

    I can't understand this people, i just can't. They are so locked inside of them. They can't accept an advice or something.

    Please do something.... I'm lack of tears....

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    I also started in the beta. The only solution which i can suggest you atm is playing in 5man party. It solved a lot of problems when you think about it. I know it's not always possible and finding new friends on the same lvl as yours can be hard, but it really makes games a lot less frustrating for you and your team. Also dont ask for more reports, it wont solve anything, because those who get banned will just buy new account. Tbh all those 6 months bans that started a while ago are one of the biggest reason why there's so many boosters and account buyers. Current report system just backfire at player base and is causing more problems than we had before, because previously the only ones who bought accounts were those who were not happy with their mmr. Now, on top of them, we also have those who got banned.

    Until Valve re-think this broken system, best you can do is play 5man or you can risk getting frustrated with random players, smurfs, boosters, accounts buyers and trolls in solo q.
    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided: