Steam Account (Terrorblade):
64 ID:76561198835416131

Match ID: 3915484399

Reported hero: Terrorblade

Reason for report: This guy basicly intentionally went in ranked matchmaking to ruin games, grief, block, feed courier & kills.
Hes own wors "This is my alt, I never use it anymore so I dont care if I get reported" (I can deliver screenshots from picking phase).
Possible wintrader account aswell, not sure.

I know devs can see what other accounts are used by the same IP, people like this terrorblade doesnt deserve to play this game or to play with other humans. 6months ban on all his accounts would be a understatement, just permaban them all. You'll do the entire community a favour Devs, thanks upfront.

The game is free so its easy to abuse and ruin ranked matchmaking on alt accounts, Devs should take this matter seriously.. your playerbase have decreased and the players left dont want to waste their time with people like this! To hide behind alt account shouldnt mean you are untouchable.