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Game abandons being based on the team you land up with

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  • Game abandons being based on the team you land up with

    Good day again,

    My one abandon on my profile in the past two months is still sitting on my mind, because my game performance did not come back to help me not have an abandon on my name.

    Firstly,. South Africa is only recently getting Fiber lines, and with these new routers comes a very unstable service - feels almost a bit like wireless devices.. anyway.. my router disconnected my PC - and with Windows 10 I tried everything possible first. Unplug the Wifi receiver, before restarting the router etc.

    And after having tried everything, by the time I got back to the game ,
    it was safe to leave, because my team did not pause ONCE for me.. >
    that should also be punishable, for not waiting AT LEAST ONCE?!?
    But I got commended for coming back and winning the game.!!!!!! So why did that not count in my favour? or the fact that I won the game

    So the earth spirit who was failing in the lane with me, and me as slardar, who dc'd
    - I came back -
    to play 4 versus 5 till the end. -
    NOT ONLY DID WE WIN!?!!? But I got an abandon I wasn't proud of , as a result of my team being petty.

    Is there a way that we can consider this factor, when people leave games due to sudden disconnections? or make it that dota pauses automatically for 3 minutes, or until it's ready, with all 10 players present, - It must always ping the players that are present in the game, or not see a need to ping the players, if detecting clicks on the user's PC.

    I say this as a suggestion to try combat all the people that experience bad team experiences.

    A 6 month ban will never be nice for anyone. I would like to avoid it as much as possible if at all.

    Please let me know how we can combat this.

    I want to part take in making dota a better place for all, especially because I will forever believe it's better than LOL - League of... Legionnaires - -
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  • #2
    you get 1 free abandon per week. if it's used up, and you know your net's unstable, time to stop for the week. that is the solution because regardless of your reason,you became inconvenience for all other players in the game when you abandoned.


    • #3
      Okay, 1 per week. Thank you.

      But I also did come back and become the saviour, despite being seen as the person who 'abandoned' - The Win didn't feel right, even though I came back to kick them broken.


      • #4
        That's one of the worst mechanics in the game. I have no idea why would they design it this way. You reconnect and find out that there is no reason to play anymore. You already abandoned and lost MMR. Even though the team needs you and you can still win the game, you have no reason to play at all.


        • #5
          You really think it matters if you reconnect after 5 minutes? at that point, you've already missed 1/6th~ of the game, and missed farm, lost your gold, possibly had your items sold, (bigger chance in ranked)... you're more a nuisance if you come back than anything. You can still keep playing but it's advised you don't, and just move on to the next game.