(Please note that I have nothing against Russians or people speaking Russian, it is just that I can not play with them, as I can not communicate with them.)

Being able to match make with predetermined roles is just perfect, the best thing that happened in dota this year, but every times i find a game in that mode I get matched with Russians, 90% of the people in the game are Russian, the only exception being me... every time without exception, even though I have made sure that it's set to English and I selected the server furthest away from Russia.

In normal ranked mode this never happens anymore so I feel that it must be a bug or that it's nor prioritized enough. I CAN NOT communicate with my team AT ALL.

Anyone else having this problem?

Plz bring this mode to un-ranked as well so I can use it when I play with my friends!

Also, I was thinking, should it not be ok to select at least two different roles with "prio 1" and "prio 2" or something? Then it should be faster for people who feel comfortable in many roles to find games faster, if that ever was en issue.