I don't complain against the gameplay. I actually like the changes - introduction of talents, new map, new heroes.

But as community taking into account it's getting worse and worse. Introduction of medals which can't be lost only introduced more smurfs. Because people pay the smurf get their medal and even if they lose, they retain it. So the gameplay is destroyed by smurfs in either team and then later by people who were boosted and don't know how to play in certain tier. Come on Valve - give people option to pay for their medal for 200$ or so. You will earn and we won't have smurfs anymore. And when the game is clearly lost against bunch of smurfs stil we are forced to play. Can't quit, can't afk. What else can we expect? Punishment for not playing as Valve wants us to? I remember the times when low-prio was just a normal gameplay. But now we are forced to play a random hero and win several times. Again against smurfs who are now paid to get out of low prio. Can't we at least have a separate queue with surrender option? The answer was no because dividing queues makes for a worse gameplay. But Valve has no problem with dividing the queues between players who pay and those who don't by introducing queue with roles. We can no logner check the history of enemy player to see if he really is a smurf. We can't even report him, as reporting only for communication even when succeeds, won't stop him from smurfing. Seriously Valve why? What is your profit in making the experience worse and worse? I can't understand this.

I decided not to pay for any hats. But I would seriously pay a lot for my experience to improve - to get a separate queue with surrender feature, to be able to report smurfs, to be able to chose players that I don't want to be queued with and against and so on. Consider this.