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[Maybe my final post for you to read, IceFrog] Really still no action against them?

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  • Crystal Nova - lce
    Currently, I have not much data about the other brackets or tiers. But for low tiers such as herald, guardian, and crusader always have boosters or smurfs. They are so much active in that 3 tiers! Nothing to doubt, if a herald or guardian player can play heroes with very high complexity such as Tinker and Invoker with very fast skills combos. I am a Dota 2 player since beta was launched and I observed and played more than 10k hours of Dota 2 games. I can compare them easily to see who are really being optimal or being too ultra professional with skills that can dominate other newbies.

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  • Crystal Nova - lce
    Come on, dev. Why the company focus on The International so much instead of one serious critical issue nowadays? The boosters and smurfs can totally ruin the game in long term. This is not a joke or something to be observed lightly. When players are getting more boring with the next coming releases, then the developer has to offer something to make the achievement succeeded such as the achievement of The International prize pool when the prize pool climbs so slow compared to years before. Imagine what going to happen in next few years. Players who always like Dota 2 quitting supporting Dota 2 and then new players who have not much incomes to join Dota 2? Don't always expect those who newly joined Dota 2 are rich. Even if they are rich, what you can say about them? Too rich and willing to spend their incomes for mmr boosting services? Or spending their incomes for new accounts by purchasing from smurfs? Nonsense, man!!! If so, we can see Dota 2 has nothing much different to other "pay-to-win" game when you rich then you can win and get satisfaction over others.

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  • [Maybe my final post for you to read, IceFrog] Really still no action against them?
    Match ID: 4024323021

    Really still allowing so many smurfs or boosters keep breeding?
    I guess sooner is my time to breed (or I say "CREATE") a group full with professional scamming skills!
    See how this group going to bring down Dota 2 popularity to the community because I already see almost zero or NO HOPE in Dota 2 game.
    When lesser players play Dota 2, I believe those boosters will find lesser sustenance profits for what they did since long ago.
    Nowadays, account sharing is everywhere and so free where the higher tier players can simply ruined or dominated lower tier players. Thus, causing those who possible to climb the mmr and slowly escaping from their lower tiers.
    BUT, Valve or developer never take any serious action by making any announcement in the blog.

    Bye ~