Pick phase. My friend was first to lock mid lane position, a few moments later Suspect joined him. There was no flame, no curses. Even in voice chat. He was politely asked to go to the other lane. His answer was: NO. Then again few times he was proposed to lock carry position, he denied. My friend locks Tinker. This guy say: No, I won't play normally, this is 100% case when you need to ruin. He last picked tiny. Ok, my friend decied to leave mid lane for tiny but this guy skilled toss and on "move" started to pursue tinker. Next ~20 minutes he will be following tinker and toss him into enemies, cancelling TP, blocking his moving, in a nuthshell do everything to lose the game. When tinker could escape his toss actions tiny bought wards and put them on the ground into beautiful line. Still no one was flaming him, in exception like "hello, idiot, go play we still have chances". Then he started to perform enemy feeding actions, just walking into them and die. Some deaths later he bought shadow amulet and went afk near enemy's T3 tower. He trolled us whole game, called us a stupid ones and so on. He said he has a really great pleasure to troll and to ruin this game. In my opinion this type of toxic people shouldn't exist in multiplayer-based games.

Match ID: 4027780523
Suspect's profile: Steam profile