Steam account (Axe):
64 ID:76561198214166273

Steam account (Clinkz):
64 ID:76561198159367128

Match ID:4029924389

Reported heros: Axe & Clinkz

Reason for report: Regarding Axe this guy goes afk in woods, only to give away his boots to MK and grief the hole game (Thrower)
Regarding Clinkz this guy takes mid only to give it away freely and run around feeding. Possibly wintraders, there is no chance anyone is this bad and clueless. 100% wintraders or account buyers.. either way they are ruining ranked matchmaking for the rest.

Both are intentionally ranked matchmaking ruiners, people in team reported them both. I suggest you delivelr 6+ months ban on these kind of players. Ruins the experience for your customers & players that waste theire money & time in ur game.