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review my case

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  • review my case

    hello administrators:

    I, Victor Hugo Ascona away from Lima Peru, I am going to you to review my case thoroughly and unlock my account since the
    I appreciate it a lot and I use it constantly since 2014 in this message I will describe point by point that the actions that are attributed to me which
    I did not commit and therefore I am not worthy of such punishment:

    1.- conduct and negative behavior in addition to complaints from users: in most of my games I behave quietly and calmly
    in almost all of my games I am little to express my anger and frustration with other players to the point of using chat a few times
    besides not using the microphone to not express my discomfort. As for the reports of other players I do not think I have so many
    since I do not usually face other players during or after the games. And in my opinion it is very easy to prove not only the
    recommendations that I have throughout my games in all these years but thanks to my behavior and behavior I have achieved
    know a lot of friends who always trust me to play or to consult me ??about any doubt either of the game
    or updates, I hope my friends confirm what I say in their comments.

    2.- Deliberate actions to artificially increase the MMR of an account: this point is funny because my account has no medal
    current before I put the new medal system I had of MMR individual 3250 approximately and it took me a long time to complete the 10
    games that ask you because I do not call much attention the system of classification (MMR) and that's why I only play public games or games
    events (underhollow) is more currently in the new season of medals I have not taken mine (I have no current medal) so it is very
    easy to check that I have not increased the MMR of any account, since I own a cyber cafe and have been with the same operator for years
    Internet (my IP does not change years ago) and it is feasible that you check it.

    3.- Purchase, sale or exchange of accounts: I have never bought, sold or exchanged any account, since I registered in steam in 2015
    I have only played dota 2 and since then I have only had 2 accounts that I have used and which are in my possession I never sold or exchanged them.
    Anyone who says otherwise should show proof that I have sold accounts in order to be able to demonstrate with total clarity that they are defamatory;
    On the other hand my reputation and prestige in endowment 2 is very well known among my friends and contacts since many times we have exchanged
    items and items of the game either through the normal way of exchanges or through the way of gifts and our remain registered in my profile
    of steam, the positive comments of the shipments for gift of items, therefore the vast majority of users trust and believe me at the moment of
    exchange items via gift.

    4.- Create an unfair competitive advantage through third party programs: I have never used or created any kind of unfair advantage in the game
    either by hardware or software. I have a classic PC keyboard and mouse classic and I have never been reported by the steam VAC system
    proof of them is in my daily games.

    I would like to add that I am a regular player of the game that started in endowment in the middle of 2007 and since then I have not stopped playing for the
    mechanics and the emotion of the games, with the passage of time not only made me a fan of the game also collector of the best items of
    game and for that reason I always play and always acquire the novelties that come out in dota 2.lo more striking for me in the game is the system
    missions and achievements that are introduced in the game through the compendiums or the dota plus system of which I am affiliated 1 year and that is the reason
    for which I constantly play either alone or with my friends.

    then I will leave my id of dota 2 and the link of my profile.

    I hope to have the help of the administrators, the support of my friends and contacts of dota 2.

    thanks for your time and attention. Greetings and have a good day.

    MI id: 143797205
    my link: https: //

    Sorry for the english, I had to use the google translator.

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    Gracias a todos por su tiempo



    • #3
      Did you get 6 month ban or what? what do you mean with "unlock" my account? what is locked, ranked, trade?
      Sorry for my bad english


      • #4
        If they were for 12 months without being able to play, for things that I did not do.How do I get admin to see my case?You could help me.