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[suggestion/solution] Report System - Reward good gameplay & behavior instead

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    Why bother.. theyre trying to address the matchmaking abuse and still cant fix it since dota 2 came out lmao. Its almost like dota 2 team hasnt got even one person who plays at ancient or above skill level. The way the matchmaking is balanced around a trivial number while ignoring all other player characteristics and moreso its all hidden. Unranked matches are unplayable cause same rules dont apply in regards to solo q and party stacks of 2 3 4 and 5.

    Conduct summary drops for whatever reason their moronic algorithm deems for and the issue of gang reports looking for scape goats (usually the best player in the team who tryhards and ends up feeding becauase his moron team cant play dota at a basic level) and subsequently gets reported by same morons. There is no justice in dota just r3tarded sjw implementations to protect noobs. Everything dota 2 team done for the past few years is to make dota 2 a safe space for morons and the playerbase keeps dropping anyway.

    Can you imagine me playing for over 15 years and contemplating quitting now of all times lol. This is a joke if matchmaking isnt fixed from the ground up theres no point torturing yourself. Your win loss is dictated by behavior score and hidden matchmaking metrics on when youre supposed to lose or get a harder game because youre doing too good. Your team skill drops through the floor and enemy team has 5 players of your caliber. Unwinnable scenario you can only scream at. Ive put up with this shit for years but in the last few months it got 5 times worse.
    Last edited by 5teen; 10-20-2019, 07:02 AM.