Can you give us mid-tier player an option/way to practice ourself without ruining other people's game?
I'm a 6k player that spam only few heroes.
I can play all the role but I want to be a good mid laner player,I am sure many other people having the same problem as me.
"I need to practice to play better"
In order to get better at specific role,I need to play that role alot right?
From my experience My Templar assassin skill f*cking sucks and I need to practice.
Only way to get better is either first picking the hero in unranked and ruin other people games because this hero isn't very verstile.
And when I play unranked people skills are very bad and the system is bad too.
Why everytime I tried to practice in unranked I have to fight enemy stack4 with 6k 5k players and my team all 4k every game???
Why does unranked calculate hidden mmr too?
While when I change account I stompt alot.Stompting so much.
I realize arteezy miracle also play smurf.
Many pro player also play smurf(EE and such)
So Inorder to play dota better do I need to play smurf?
Many games in dota are ruined by smurf.
There are good and bad smurf.
The game itself require you to play alot of hero to get good at dota
I need to practice alot of hero to play good at dota
pro player also need to practice alot of hero to be good at dota.
At 3k 4ks ranked you can just play bad hero and team can carry you.
In 5k 6k+ if you play bad the game will be surely ruined.
Its the same reason why pro play smurf.
Can you please find a place for hardcore dota player that tried to get better and practice their skills.
Unranked was meant to be a place to practice.
Both team ranked are different.
But why do I have to run into 6k player with 4k team as solo queing in unranked againts enemy 6k player that play party 4-5 to enjoy the game with their friends?
Also unranked doesn't have role,I use dotaplus overwolf addon when I see my 4k teammate instant locking carry and enemy stack4-5 with full 6k player I just dont want to play that game anymore.
And I realize its not their fault for instant locking hero to practice and ruined the game because there is no way to get better at dota without ruining the game.
New player start playing dota and matched into 4k 5k player that play unranked to practice what do they feels? ofc they not happy.
And these scums also complain alot about teammate too they be like instant locking mid and expect their team to play so good
some of them just trash talk because its their new account they dont really care.
That also ruined the game too.
6-8 out of 10 games are ruined by the draft.
Ranked supposed to be a place to try hard while many people just practice their shit and ruin the game.
Unranked supposed to be a place to practice dota but the system is bad and unless you play new account and instant locking you cant really practice.
if you dont play new account or play with friend the game is ruined 80-90% of the time.
if you play new account you ruined other people game instead and their game is ruined too
Then everyrone ruined dota.
New match making is good but it doesn't solve a problem for people who actually tried to get good at dota for ruining the games
Does valve ever tried to solve this problem?