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can u just ban me forever...?

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  • can u just ban me forever...?

    i can say im playing dota since the 1st days, i have 8k hours played in dota2 and i think this is it, valve is killing the game by pushing the old players to leave it.. i am a skilled player, but every game i get reports by trash who cant play the game, my behavior score is 2800 now and i cant do shit about it, i dont believe that a party of 2 who were feeding from the 1st min reported me and im banned for 24 hours and they got away with it... is that what u want valve? the behavior summary says i have only 6 reports and i just lost atleast 1000 behavior score only bcoz this system is trash and not fair at all, or as i said its ur plan to push ppl like me to leave the game...

    so just be honest to me and do something ... even u fix this problem which let trash players and toxic to take control of the game or just ban old players forever, all of them...

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    ban me too if u cant remove my shadow ban. every game like low priority (nice site valve, i cant upload image) stupid shadow ban with 10k behavior score, tnx........... every 2k retard its pro meepo broodmother huskar storm etc smurf-boost-hero


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      You have few options. Stop flaming everyone for a few hundred games in a row and get back to good standing or quit the game.


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        Originally posted by Mc_zaus View Post
        ban me too if u cant remove my shadow ban. every game like low priority (nice site valve, i cant upload image) stupid shadow ban with 10k behavior score, tnx........... every 2k retard its pro meepo broodmother huskar storm etc smurf-boost-hero
        Did you ever use sandbox or in any other way ran multiple accounts from your computer?
        Did you in any way manipulate your MMR, whether it was by playing against bot accounts in ranked or do anything "abusable"?
        Did you purchase boost for your account and let someone play?
        Threads I think are useful to read:

        Just another day on EU servers.

        ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE BETTER PUNISHMENT SYSTEM ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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          in 2017 they gave me a ban for a year (they know why, a wave of bans began with me. if it weren’t for me now that there would be a role-based search, you can thank me). I left the ban and raised the behavior to 10k but the selection of players remained the same as 1-2k behavior. shadow pool is very stupid system. it's not even ban. I talked with people in a shadow ban and there are adequate players who have no idea why they are there
          and just wasting nerves.
          everyone can ruin, boost on new accounts and valve do nothing. with many accounts a person will not want to buy cosmetics. I want an official response how long will shit feed us and not the answer of another dota player. did I pay them money on account for keeping silent? I sold all DotA items and am not going to pay anymore, like all my friends.


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            the chat is disable for a long time by me , i dont even chat to those russians , they dont even speak english ....


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              Then play the game to the best of your ability and participate in the fights. If its low behavior then players are the worst type youll come across. Go with them and feed so they cant single you out and report after. Should help in theory. Goes without saying that u shouldnt play ranked with that low score.


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                Oh yeah and i'll tell you something hilarious here, someone posted my account on reddit for trying to sell it and Valve banned me permanently after. I sent multiple emails and messages to clarify the situation from my side, but they never responded to it. Of course, the right solution was to quit the game, and i believe you should too. I do play it occasionally on my sub account but never tryhard and pay anything for the game anymore, and it feels really good. I WAS a tryhard player, got my 7k MMR, buying every single merchandise and every single feature Valve rolled out until Valve chose to believe a archon guy who posted me up on reddit with the purpose to defame me.