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Cheating in Dota 2

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  • Cheating in Dota 2

    Hello dear friends.
    I apologize in advance for my English. I print through google translator.
    I like you to play DotA 2, but now there is a turning point when our game may lose popularity due to cheating. Now this problem is not so global, but it spreads like a virus and soon we will meet cheaters in every game.
    What would I like to draw your attention to? On a site that distributes cheats for DotA and I would like to introduce you to it.
    I want to answer not with the purpose of advertising, but with the aim that the developers would take measures to neutralize these cheats.
    Here is the site on which cheats for DotA 2 are distributed:
    He is Russian-speaking, which means cheats are used by Russian-speaking players.
    Here are the cheat functions:
    🔭Remove Camera | Camera hack
    🧲Auto Hook for pooja | Auto hook pudge
    💥Backlighting enemies | Maphack
    ⭐Automatic creep finishing | Auto Last-hit Bot
    🔥 Visibility of enemy wards | ESP Enemy Wards
    👑Best anti-blocking module | ANTI-VAC
    ✅Full emulation of human actions | Humanizer

    A cheat subscription costs 500 rubles per month ($ 7.5 per month)

    and how do you tell me to play against such?
    I ask for the support of the community against such a cheating community (there are 60k people in the group, i.e. 60k players).
    If the developers do not deal with this, the problem will become incorrigible.
    Save our favorite game!

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    and what do you mean by that?
    for example, people play with cheats
    something I don’t see that would be banned


    • #4
      Originally posted by rodriguez View Post
      and what do you mean by that?
      for example, people play with cheats
      something I don’t see that would be banned
      If they get banned, they will try do everything to not show it to peoples. Bcoz product will sale bad. Thats why you dont know.
      Thats winrate and some games of this cheater. Nothing special winlosse win lose
      dota buff
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        This mega super pro cheater on fucking 6500 mmr even dont reagro creeps to get some farm. When i see this on their avarage i want delete dota
        Volvo should delete this player from dota for reason not cheating but acc buyer. This is not 6500 avarage but his account top 1000
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          2018 year his main account ID- 58788546
          and if you open his profile steam it is vac banned
          2020 On his youtube i watch game with enchantress there was match ID main account ID - 905919541
          and its have vac ban tho
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            He not playing on his main account, he taking it from peoples or something like this. Or buying it to record second video. I show to you that his account have vac bans. In every his video he trying not to show match id and his acc id in last his videos from 2020. Intresting why. Or maybe he show edited video with random account ID's, mind games by pro cheater. Good taktick, show on youtube to peoples that their cheat not get banned if you buy it and make angry other player like you who want fair play in this game but in real their main account get vac banned.
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              Its really discouraging to play... theres apparently even worse cheats/ and server side hacks. Just gonna copy paste a reddit post. Dont know if its real or not

              I follow certain things in the Russian community (forums, VK), and I can say that the features they add in their cheat are very Over Powered and not fair, I think I gonna delete Dota 2 because of this.

              They recently added Matchmaking Abuse, you are given a menu list with Checkboxes of what you want to play as a role (even if all the roles are selected in-game) the cheat sends some packets to make the server select your desired role, this abuse makes you earn more points.

              The second Abuse they have added is manipulating Behaviour score, yes they spoof your behavior score, for example, if your behavior score is 100 they will magically change it to 10k.

              Another Abuse is selecting your desired side of the map, You choose between Dire or Radiant. As you wish ofc.

              Abuse for Antimute, you know if you trash-talk in Dota you get muted, well Russians got you covered they somehow abuse this and makes you able chat again. (Chat colors, Free Emojis, Draw on Minimap etc.)

              I think after all these stuff being added I can safely say that I want to delete Dota 2, as Russians (most of them are Russians, the cheat is Russian) ruined the game.


              It sounds far fetched. But why would someone lie about this. Obviously the hacks must have phishing included to steal accounts of value, but if the hacks themselves are true then this needs to be investigates by valve.
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                This software is now working