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The old Valve frauds in SA ranked matchs continue..

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  • The old Valve frauds in SA ranked matchs continue..

    Today when I see 8 fake peruvian players in a match with status cmd I already guessed "this game is just a server-side-boosting".
    I have 980mmr and seeying with the 'dota_lobby_debug' I have marked in my account to be rank_tier: 15 (Legend 1 or something near this I guess)? WHAT? Fucking fraud, my ultra poor gameplay never can be it, why the sh't South America Valve is still boosting in 2020? Rofl

    Oh yeah I don't even played this game and cause I've used the forbbiden words in chat game "boosting server-side" I get ONE report and flagged to 6 months ban and need to pay 4 low prio game, nice valve staff ultra abuse and boosting rofl

    I get happy to see so many old players finnaly stop to play this cancer game last year, cause it is a...
    D E A D . G A M E
    (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA

  • #2
    Some facts I forgot to mention. I received the 6 months of ban warning with a normal behavior_score and conduct 5300 so nice. I have made about 30 turbo matches before play ranked match, but still between the first I received 12 commends so of course started the multiple bot feed on my team for no reason, but I didn't create a case and I played normally but of course I didn¬ít get any more commends after 12 commends because your sheet bots only give reports for no reason rofl and Iím a player that almost always has a positive impact and in normal matches without that crap bot I get 3 commends at least without ever having to ask. In this account 86870814 I should have 50 commeds right now but the valve is more stupid than its scrotum reporting system that does not allow anyone to receive so many.
    I didn't understand this tier 15 in this account if in my other account 340469929 I have my real tier 22 of bad player that I am currently. Both accounts were NEVER borrowed or even run on another computer. Someone needs to slap that retard moderator in South America eÁefeladapoota.

    Some shit boosted accounts server side banned rofl, so nice
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    (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


    • #3
      Fakkin lobby server side to boost
      Match ID:5364940911
      Easy calibration for shadow fiend
      (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


      • #4
        MatchID: 5384484965
        The cancer booster SA valve staff, join my game just to feed and report me for no reason rofl
        He start the game with a open mic and an annoying peruvian music (I never have done something like that), then in the match he forget he is a fake peruvian and texted something in portuguese haha so dumb.. the entire match he just feed and disturb me with voice/chat.. this is the exemplar valve staff shit booster we have, a dumb annoying kid.
        Pudge dota id:351896399
        (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


        • #5
          Tried the classic ranked match cause ALWAYS have TWO valve bots trollying in role in ranked roles in my team (supposed to be better/more serious than the classic), and after only 2 games 'normal games' with real players.. the damn valve staff back running multiple valve bots (medusa.. am.. wk - 2 games do the same and he feed and disconnct with 2 bots in the previous game with this bot in:5393005470) in my team to feed and flame me.. man what you want valve, I need to run 10 accounts at same time/game to play normal matchs?
          (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


          • #6
            All dota streamers for the last 2 days complain alot of the low quality game and boosted account by Rayuur our top account booster SA of course. Don't know if valve systems or corona gonna kill more this week xD

            Your Dota 777/Idleempire bots steel in every game feeding hard (both sides), giving rage to the entire dota community, wp.
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            (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA