Let me ask you all Dota+ players.....Is total of 16 slot really that effective to you all when there are countless people out there ruining your game (ESPECIALLY RUSSIANS) ?

Game ID : 5378815848
Game Mode : Ability Draft
Hero Played : Magnus
Build Type : Triple Cleave

We all know that cleave stacks up with each other (proof of that is kunkka's old meta 3 BF build) so I tried to make triple cleave build. The game has not even started yet and immediately my lane partner started pinging me because of my build and wasted NO TIME trying to ruin my game by stealing all last hits.

So I left him and went to jungle but he still chased me and steal farm from jungle. I left lane and went top lane and he chased me there and started stealing farm from me again. From that point i knew the game was over and that this sven (russian btw) will never leave me alone so i gave up and went afk.

Soon ater Oracle decided to join the afk with sven and started blaming me when i never did anything to him (russian btw). Then Drow and TA joined the blame game and started saying report "me" for making "Triple Cleave" combo. Sven been chasing me all game and this retarded team arent blaming sven for ruining my farm not blaming oracle for feeding far more then me nope it's blame me "FOR MY BUILD" calling it stupid build when they never even tried it b4.

This is why the dota+ feat "Avoid Player" should be raised to 250 or 500 slots. 16 slots does not do ANY JUSTICE as if you try to add more people to slots the oldest player you blocked will be removed from list to add a fresh new one.

Valve if your reading this, seriously increase the count to 250 or 500. This feature is the sole reason why i keep buying yearly (not subscription, direct purchase) option, with this news comes to light I lost all reason to pay a single $ on this game anymore. I don't care if my suggestion causes the mm so long to find game as long as I can play a game without having other people ruining my time.