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Wrongfully Banned for 1 Year (Ranked)

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  • Wrongfully Banned for 1 Year (Ranked)

    Original Message to Steam:

    Hi Steam Support,

    My account seems to be banned from Ranked Games for a year till 15 June 2021.

    Please advise on the ban as my conduct score has been Good for a long time. Not sure what could be other reasons but I have not played Dota 2 as actively due to overseas work deployment. It is only until recently (due to COVID19) that I have been deployed back to Singapore and decided to play more games to clear the Battle Pass achievements with my friends and family (with my brother currently still stuck overseas).

    I have been supporting eSports regionally, and purchased Battle Pass Lv 1000 over the past few years. I have also attended TI6 in Seattle. It is my passion to continue to build and support the eSports community both locally and regionally.

    I sincerely hope that a proper explanation and investigation could be done to ensure that my Ranked games access has not been banned wrongfully.

    Thank you.
    Yours Sincerely,

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    In second reply to Steam Support:

    I am in no way smurfing. This is my main account since 2013, and my purchase record over the years and Armoury (inventory) should prove that. My highest attained rank was Ancient 2 (last season), and it does not make sense that I am "detected" as smurfing right at the moment when I just reached Legend 1?

    I have been playing Dota 2 since 2013, it's been 7 years, and served as a Game Master & Product Manager for Heroes of Newerth for 3 years in Garena. (Proof:

    Does your system seriously only believe that I would not be any higher than Archon...? It was only 10 months ago when I was Ancient 2 (last season), and I haven't had much time to play Dota 2 ever since I started my new business last year. That should not mean I would've deteriorated to the skills of only an Archon (just because I was callibrated as such after a few casual ranked games with my friends). There is definitely a certain level of inaccuracy on your automated ban system.

    I sincerely hope that you would consider the real factors and evidences here and overturn the algorithm-programmed MMR ban on my account, so I could get back to gaming with my friends while we are all back home during this COVID-19 period.

    Thank you.
    Last edited by Auph; 06-15-2020, 03:33 PM.
    Yours Sincerely,


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      Have you possibly being doing something else that has caused the ban such as abusing battlepass to get levels?


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        Originally posted by TorraKwy View Post
        Have you possibly being doing something else that has caused the ban such as abusing battlepass to get levels?
        Hi TorraKwy, not at all, and I'm not sure what are the abuses you are referring to =/

        I am not an active Dota 2 player, but I made it a point to be more active every year during TI to support the eSports community through Battle Pass. I have purchased Battle Passes every year since TI3, attended TI6 in Seattle, and contributed a 1000 levels in the past 2 years (out of passion and love for Dota2 and eSports), even though I wouldn't have the time to complete even 25% of the contents every year.

        My Battle Pass levels are organic and I have just purchased the levels to 704 on the day before I got banned.
        I have only completed 2-3 rounds on the Cavern quests, and the total "free" levels gained from Battle Pass are in fact less than 10.

        I would really hope the dev team would take a look into my ban, and I'd clarify with evidences if there could be any reason that led to my ban.

        Thanks and peace.
        Yours Sincerely,


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          If you are not active then I'm struggling to figure out why you got banned. If you have your match details exposed, can you share your dotabuff profile ?


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            Originally posted by TorraKwy View Post
            If you are not active then I'm struggling to figure out why you got banned. If you have your match details exposed, can you share your dotabuff profile ?
            My dotabuff profile is in my signature.

            Sharing the fact that I've also been wrongfully banned from Ranked for 1 year. Dota Plus' Performance shows that I'm playing at Immortal range today.
            However last year I was calibrated at Ancient as I just came back to Dota 2 after approx 6 months of inactivity, and I was just adapting to the changes like outpost and all. Now that I'm well adapted to the changes, I am playing closer to my usual performance. But Valve decided to think that I'm boosting.

            Tried appealing but they said the decision was final. Seems rather like they didn't bother to clarify any doubts that they have in relation to their assumptions.

            Fine example of a game that never really cared about their community. Just look at where the support and Valve's involvement in the community are.
            Yours Sincerely,



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              why none admin answer?


              • #8
                Somebody gets banned for a good reason and u expect admins to actually adress his/her whining? lol
                edit: u even smurf IN THIS FORUM LOL