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  • #31
    Good shit, Icefrog!

    Hoping you get rid of neutral items, pre game start gold runes, and outposts. Would also be great if you could replace gold runes in general with minor regen runes. The global gold does not feel great and just seems like a forced thing to do.

    REVERT THE MAP! More defensive please!

    Revert dota to dota and get rid of all these League of Legends changes. Its not fun.


    • #32
      Matching based on years of antiquity would be very important, since many create new accounts and only enter once or twice a week and are not interested in winning in a ranked game, they only play and report who they want by simple "whim"
      players with new accounts against players with new accounts (until they reach a minimum level of 40 in dota 2, so they can play with older players and thus avoid smurfs in some way)
      or in your case add some type of identification as they do in other countries, to avoid multi-creation of smurfs accounts
      I have suffered a lot against smurfs and basically lost the line in which they were going since they see the game differently and they lean on the team, and my new pure players, flamers, insulted me, closed their ideas and their ability to understand to just claim and report that they themselves could not do anything, now I am banned for 6 months since at various times it was unfair to remain silent and support such imbeciles, I have played since 2012 and in these last two years I have had to live the darker stage of dota 2 having to deal with closed-minded types and little ability to be in difficult situations, since with a bad move they begin to surrender, flame, insult and feed
      I hope you can read this and do something please
      1) summer clean bug dota??
      2) permanent blacklist = 10 people.
      3) each player can ban one hero = 100%. (in ranked game) all time 10 heroes was be banned.
      4) only one player in a team can random hero. (in ranked game)
      5) allies could not spam abilities on you. tiny, oracle, io. block and mute dont help......
      6) the game needs admins who will watch suspicious moments (feed, special lost, cheaters)


      • #33
        He's back!

        Just another day.


        • #34
          To be honest, instead of adding new features, sometimes is good to roll back. I have been playing Dota2 since 2012, and I miss the source 1 Dota2 very much
          Last edited by Sean99556; 06-18-2020, 10:33 PM.


          • #35
            Thank you for this.
            Highlights on my side since dota 2003.
            I ban riki 2 games in a row. He is not banned. Picked two games where i explicitly chose the ban. And it never got banned. If this doesn't tell you enough. Please let me know if i need to elaborate.
            People pick heroes with the craziest end game talents. Life is not fair for all.

            Make a patch that allows all 5 hero picks to perform death balls so that we can actually work to fight the fago five stun team. Or the illusion breaking ck, naga duo.
            All of this also needs to be paid attention to this source 2 engine which is literally breaking with each patch. Qop arcana runs at 60fps from minute one, in vulkan. And its half what any other hero /set does to a gtx1070!

            The game has always been great. My YouTube channel thrives on dota2.

            There's a lot more to still be focused on, but the game stability and crashes should be number one priority. People are leaving because they can't even join a game anymore. That's disgusting. Bugs everywhere. Vomits in mouth.


            • #36
              100% bAN RATE= LIFE as we request it from the start of the game. Please make this consistent at least. ALL MODES:


              • #37
                We love you Icefrog!


                • #38
                  Awhhh yeah, one more week to go buddy boys!


                  • #39
                    [Bot-coop matching and bot-scripting needs only 2 new console-command, pl, pl, pl!]
                    Bot-coop matching and bot-scripting needs to add extra money and experience to the bots to increase the challenge and for debug. Many old bot-players and bot-developers very eager to do so at the beginning or console of the game:
                    xeyg x adn y is a number from 1~9, 1 is default. For example, '-3e4g' means 3 times experience and 4 times gold.
                    dota_kill_buildings building_name this can immediately destroy a designated building for debug, it's very important (There was a command, but only a switch to destroy all buildings).


                    • #40
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