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Playing in immortal with or against smurfs every single game; Valve do something!!!+

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  • 5teen
    Ever since the mmr change, solo play is devalued as noobs play with stacks, get 2-3k above their actual skill level and then ruin games. The quality of teammates have fallen DRAMATICALLY over the last few months. Idk what valve or icefrog is thinking but its the worst change to date. Essentially moving up the skill ladder 2k avg in each medal, what is the point exactly?

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  • lazutu
    Cheers Valve, so far EVERY SINGLE GAME I lost was against a smurf. FUCK you, Icefrog. Go fuck yourself dude, go subject YOU OWN self against these psychopath tryhard smurfs. 12, TWELVE fucking losses in a row against lvl 35 dota 2 smurfs.

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  • lazutu
    Will Valve read this? Will Valve do anything about this? The topic on Reddit got some more comments:

    "It's 100% true -- I say it as russian with many 6.5-8k friends who make new accounts for $80-100 in 2-3 weeks"

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  • Playing in immortal with or against smurfs every single game; Valve do something!!!+

    As the title says. Had 9 games today, literally every single one of them was against a fresh Dota 2 Lvl 35 smurf from CIS-region. While I did enjoy it for a while - after all, you do get to tryhard against the best tryhards there are, but it catches up to you in the end.

    These guys have a far better motivation - money, which is about 5000-6000 roubles for an account. It might not look much, but - considering the current market situation ("In this economy?") - it's a very good way of earning money for young people in Russia/Ukraine. Here's the best counter to "git gud" part: even if you try your hardest, and win your lane, you'll still lose two other lanes to smurfs. And this is not a joke, but a harsh reality. The odds are even more (!) against you if you have an old account, and Valve will try to dump the best of the best into the enemy team, if you tried your best in the previous game. You simply cannot outmotivate them, trying to get their measly (for Europe) 100 bucks, and they use every resource available to them to win - scripts, free time (ha-ha), drugs (Tinkers/Invokers on metamphetamine, I know a few from the Russian forums). Call me crazy, but that is what it looks like - the smurfs are completely ruining the meaning of being an Immortal, spitting into the face of Dota 2 veteran players.

    What I suggest is adding some sort of a real barrier for "joining" the ranks of Immortal, because even trying your very best - with your whole team trying - is often not enough against the very gifted and the very best people in Dota 2. At least I admit it, I am not good enough for top 500 (top 700-1500 drifter), but I do not wish to get thrown around by the elite players anymore. Let us have our bracket back, Valve. Deal with the smurf problem for the Immortal bracket.