The report weights are really high and people are not responsible with it lol. 1 unjust report puts you down 20-30 games to get that bh score back up. In my case thats weeks of playing a few games a day. Behavior score used to restore itself real time (correct me if im wrong), now its per games played which doesnt make sense. As youre playing with toxic people who can still report you for any reason like not being able to carry an unwinnable game that they create. They always look for the black goat and its always pos 123 who is at fault. An easy fix is not letting players under 6000 behavior score to be able to report at all, kind of like in low behavior pool, where reports are ineffective as it would be redundant. Which is a great idea that should be extended into low behavior score.
People quit the game for weeks. Come back with a new mindset and then they're flung into the same toxic environment for 200+ games that they have to go through or they dont get to play normal games.
In this case being subjected to this kind of toxicity isnt making them more tolerant to it, its quite the opposite. The damage done to people will never get them to recover from bad behavior as theyre perpetually surrounded by it. To make things worse ive heard reasons for smurfing being their perpetually low behavior score. They cant climb out of it even with zero griefing or flaming. So they make another account as the game is free.