Hello. According to the paragraph of the rules:

Low priority in matchmaking and limited communication are non-negotiable. If you are sure that an error has occurred, please report it on the Dota 2 Developer Forum.

If this system detects a malfunction, our servers will automatically remove the undeserved restrictions. Steam support does not remove communication restrictions and low priority for matchmaking from individual accounts.

I would like you to review my Ban case on the account. The situation is this - I recently got a weekly BAN, after which I played low priority games, played 4 games and got a weekly BAN again. Below I will attach a screenshot from the game where I have 3 reports and only 2 chat reports.
From the statistics, I learned that I received 3 reports in total.
To get low priority, you need to get reports from more than 90% of the players. It seems to me that there was some kind of error in the system. Please consider my complaint as I'm not registered on the developer forum.
P.S. If you do not have the authority to remove the ban or time to consider my case, please suggest further steps to resolve the situation.
Screenshot; https://imgur.com/a/qEI4QL2