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    I like the idea, although, as Scrub-Zero has pointed out, the way you proposed it would very likely just result in everybody commending everbody after each game. I think a possible way to prevent this is to only be able to commend ONE player of each team, similar to an MVP award. This way, you would commend e.g. the support who helped you so well during the laning phase, the guy who has been so helpful and friendly all game long etc. instead of mindlessly commending everyone. To prevent mates from constantly commending each other, I suggest you would only be able to commend your mate every 4 games you play with him (seeing that you have 4 team-mates, the amount of commendations would then statistically be the same as if you had played games solo). You would then neither be at an advantage nor at a disadvantage if you play with friends.

    PS: At no point did Scrub-Zero ridicule you or "call you names", he merely pointed out the flaws he sees in your system.

    @Scrub-Zero: You admitted that people would work together if this system was implemented, but for the wrong reasons. My question is: Why should we care? We are not trying to make this world a better place or to change people for the better, all we are trying to achieve is more enjoyable games with better cooperation and less flaming. If this systems can make this happen, I do not really care much about WHY people are working together.


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      I am not too concerned with the actual "reward" of an item. I myself suggested that items should be given out for completing the tutorial some time ago. I don't expect people to necessarily 'really care' about improving the quality of life as it may in DOTA 2. The current upset with the mute system is, in my opinion, more because of how easy it is to report persons rather than the actual punishment -- Though the punishment existing certainly contributes to people being more vocal about it. I sincerely believe the Reports should be scrapped all-together if they are as rampart as they are; but, that is a subject that is not allowed to have threads created for. If this system works and lowers the overall toxicity? Hell yeah, I am all for that!

      I can't help but be pessimistic of an entirely new system especially when one considers that the current one is a clusterfuck because it is a system that can easily be abused. I admit that this commendation system, from what I interpret on paper, would result in a positive reinforcement: a free item (as opposed to getting muted) -- but I simply just can't jump ship and say: "Yeah, sure, this would work." I don't think it would work too much to enforce bettering the truly toxic players (flamers, griefers, etc).

      This is a bit of a stretch, but, Team Fortress 2 is perhaps the best example. Let me preface this by saying toxicity wasn't the issue in that game as it is in DOTA 2. Bear with me.

      In TF2 they first introduced new weapons for the medic and the idea was they would tie it to achievements -- another new introduction for TF2 (I think.) Well, guess what I did? I went on an achievement server. What is an achievement server? It is exactly as it sounds but taken to the extreme: A server whose sole purpose was for people to "farm" the necessary achievements. The servers themselves had custom maps designed around getting the achievement as fast as possible. I went in, got my achievements pretty quickly and got my medic unlocks. The entire concept of "achieving" things was completely usurped and, honestly, I kinda felt a little bit guilty after seeing people legitimately unlock the achievement. By guilty I mean I did the same shit with the other classes really -- They were new weapons to a hardcore TF2 player. Now when I play the game, there is so much new shit I have no clue what the hell is going on!

      Again, the two situations are different, but, the important part is to understand the lengths that people will go to. We've seen the same thing with the current system: "Well Played!" spam/F2P's incredible testing/People throwing games/The influx of mute threads to the point of "General Feedback" being removed...then they add the community forum? Holy crap! The ability of players to unite is there but there isn't a solid medium, not yet.

      Another 'personal' solution of mine would be a tribunal pyramid-scheme. You start at the top with Valve. Valve employees each get two invites and they give them to whom they think can honestly represent a community-driven system whose purpose is to make the world of DOTA 2 a "better place" -- More importantly, though, people who understand the line between offender and just, an online gamer in a competitive environment. Those players then in turn get their own invites to send to other players -- However, set a time limit before allowing the next "tier" of players in. One to two weeks, something to ensure that the players that are currently 'in' do not abuse it. They can keep the report and commendation system but sever the ties to actual punishment. This would be a very time-consuming system, but, I think the end result would be worth it -- Though valve seems very much set on their current solution. I myself have had nothing but way better games too, so it's hard for me to argue but I do so because I'm just that cool.


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        Honestly anything would be better than the current system, I feel.But I think that OPs idea is the way to go.Muting people makes them even more angry especially when theres no reason and since the reports r not monitored almost everybody gets muted just cuz.