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Compendium MM Issue "card hunters"

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  • Compendium MM Issue "card hunters"

    So recently I've enjoyed playing a lot of compendium MM, and just a few minutes ago, i got qued 3 game against a team who leaves after creep spawn, and on the third game they said that they just want player cards. I want to report them all but i only have 1 Report left , so i decided to post this in forums

    Here's a SS of the third game that this team quits
    Card hunters.jpg

    So it turns out this is a trend,
    Heres another team, destroying games
    card hunter 2.jpg

    I think it would be better if leavers don't get items to avoid this issue, i mean it's just annoying that people would destroy a game just to get items, it's annoying for me and for other persons who just want to have fun, but instead get our time wasted.
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    So basically, they found out that you get player cards by playing a lot of matches, them using alts and disconnecting is apparently providing them with more card drops.
    Card hunters hé?

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    • #3
      wouldnt you not have this issue at any level besides beginner?
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        Originally posted by Lord_Talron View Post
        wouldnt you not have this issue at any level besides beginner?
        Nope. They are a 5 man stack, so they can abandon games without having to fear consequences at any level they want. No LPQ for them, so they can continue to farm those weird cards until Half-Life 3 is released.
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        • #5
          I don,t mind. When they leave to get fast cards, I get them too. Plus they aren't so valuable, so there's no real issue. It's a win-win if you ask me.


          • #6
            Ban them from compendium matches please.


            • #7
              I don,t mind. When they leave to get fast cards, I get them too. Plus they aren't so valuable, so there's no real issue. It's a win-win if you ask me.
              So, you'd rather get a "not so valuable card" than to enjoy a game?. I guess if you have all the time then there's no problem. My point is, for people who have work or students like me, we only play on our spare time, and we don't want our spare time to get wasted, just like what happened to me this morning. For 2 hours i only got to play 1 game and around 10+ Matches Full of them card hunters.


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                I don't see the problem, if you play and get this players, just enjoy free cards, else play a normal matchmaking..


                • #9
                  So he shouldn't be able to play a desired game mode, and should play another mode, because that mode is only made for farming cards?


                  • #10
                    No, but sincerely I play compendium matchmacking and no one leaves for this I don't know what he got that players


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                      also on reddit...