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Abusing the Chat Abuse System -

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  • Abusing the Chat Abuse System -

    I am sure there are many people who will agree and disagree. I am not here to start arguments. If you do start any, please note that your comment will be removed within the First second to 24 hours of your post.

    For one, I'm going to explain my story on what happened and then explain my thoughts behind this system. Basically, I get muted a lot for stupid things. Though, it's only in All Pick (The mode where everyone picks Sniper and Drow and is a complete... Tool might I say...) that I will get a weekly suspension from talking for. In Captains mode I play seriously, and like to talk to my team. Though it's impossible because I must PM them constantly on Steam and have the risk of screwing over my team. Now, what happened this time was a Lone Druid on the other team starting to get angry because me and a friend did a Naix-Bomb with Barathrum constantly to Sylla Bear and Ursa Warrior. I had said a few jokes to lighten up the tone of the game and thought it was funny, my team surely did and I hope someone on the other team did. Though, the Sylla eventually broke the rulings of this Abusing Chat system and swore, *No I'm not being a 10 year old. This is literally part of the deal with Abusing Text*. My friend Spirit Breaker and I were muted after this game for Defending ourselves against Sylla and Ursa smack-talking us and swearing. We have honestly no right to be punished. What is sad is, do you guys remember the thing that went out not too long ago about the Mute system and how it says you cannot gang up on people for fun? That is a lie. You still can. Which is what obviously happened. The whole other team were friends and didn't report Sylla Bear or Ursa. Me and Spirit Breaker did. I had another friend Skeleton King who had to leave sadly half way through it, so don't mind him. The Match ID is 234219180 if you would like to watch it for yourself.

    I think they should Chat-ban you from a certain game mode. Or if you're being reported from a Channel *Which you can't yet, hope you can soon besides ignoring or blocking the player* that you are muted from Channel's. See, what bothers me is, you can't talk in a Private, Pre-made lobby, yet you can talk in game? That's just silly. Another thing is Guild's too. Why mute you from Guild's? Now you can't do anything at all with your friends. You should be muted from that Game mode or that type of Channel/Guild from where you get reported from. If I was Reported in Single Draft I should be MUTED in Single Draft, not in All Pick or Captains Mode.
    Another idea I think Valve should implement is a system where once a game start, it will tell you that the person is Muted for a reason, and if you'd like to un-mute them or not, hence, you have been warned.
    Making this a 24 hour at max Chat Ban is most likely the LEAST they can do. This Chat Ban has torn this whole community apart, wasn't it created to HELP the community...? Yes? No? Then why isn't it working? Valve, I'm talking to you! You can't ignore me. You know what you did. You know that you've made this Community worse. It doesn't remove the trolls, it makes more trolls. Do you know why? Because people can just gang up on you and report you for DOING NOTHING. You can literally be a pre made of 5 friends and all report the same player on the other team for doing NOTHING. Want to know what happens? They're either Muted the next day or in Low Priority. Games are unplayable because you have no clue if the person understands you and is Mute, or is someone that doesn't speak your language and or is ignoring you because they don't care.

    The finale thing I have to say is congrats Valve! You've made the DotA 2 Community worse than the Left 4 Dead 2 and CoD Communities! Oh wait... Didn't you make Left 4 Dead 2? Really a shame, I love that game. You did good on it... Too bad DotA 2 is turning worse than it.

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    Description of a match OP just played: check
    OP confesses to smacktalking another player: check
    "I don't deserve the punishment": check
    OP talks to Valve in a condescending tone: check
    "Stacks can get you muted": check
    "Lack of communication hurts more than getting muted": check
    "Mute system is destroying DotA 2": check

    Your post follows the template of an anti-mute thread. Good job! Don't forget to use the "freedom of speech" argument next time though.

    Last edited by Bleako; 07-03-2013, 12:27 PM.


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      Is it bad that I thought half of that was Sarcasm? Sorry if it wasn't. It looks like some of what you said would be, there are a lot of trolls and *tools* (I'm trying to not say cunt/douche) on here that do this. Though, I'm sure you are one of the best people I've seen on here for the past few months of having no Account on here.

      Well Played! - As in, I hope I've added some ideas to your thoughts as well as others. Good idea with the Freedom of Speech also! I forgot to say that actually, I had meant to say that with the part where I was just defending myself.
      - Also, I'm just wondering if you looked back upon the Play-Through, many people say they do and are like "LOL UR JUST A FAGGOT THAT CRIES SHUT UP". Obviously you're not one. Might I say, "I've Joined the Clan"? jajaja